5,000 Kenyans Flee To Gab.ai After Twitter Censors Popular Kenyan Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi
Gab ai

Social media site Gab.ai always seems to get a huge influx of new users whenever Twitter ups and bans a large wave of people (usually Conservatives). That recently happened when the social media service censored a popular Kenyan blogger named Cyprian Nyakundi for sharing a post that he claims has been shared “multiple times”.

When Nyakundi was censored from posting on Twitter, he made a post on July 30th, 2018 on Facebook explaining what happened, writing…

“Yes, my Twitter account has been suspended over a post that had been used multiple times. I have been a victim of targeted reporting and false claims of abuse due to my views, on a platform that purportedly promotes freedom of expression. We are glad that President Donald Trump has promised an investigation into Twitter’s unlawful censorship toward people who have anti-Liberal views. Go on Twitter using #BringBackNyakundi and tag @Twitter and @Jack .


“If you follow this post, you clearly see President Donald Trump launching an investigation into Twitter’s unlawful censorship of people with anti-Liberal views. He himself had his account suspended by a rogue staffer at @Twitter “

Nyakundi is correct. A rogue Twitter staff member temporarily deactivated Donald Trump’s Twitter account on their last day with the company.

According to Breitbart, they’re reporting that Nyakundi’s account was deactivated by Twitter for sharing leaked photos of Radio Africa managing director Martin Khafafa. However, Hivisasa is reporting that the leaked photos featured Khafafa with “slay queens” and that Nyakundi was occasionally leaking information exposing corruption in Kenya. In fact, this is just one incident in a long line of incidents where Kenyan politicians and pundits have been exposed by Nyakundi for their corruption.

The exodus from Twitter opened up an opportunity for Gab.ai, however, and more than 5,000 Kenyans joined the service directly after Nyakundi was booted from Twitter.

Gab.ai itself has been on the receiving end of censorship from various registrars who refused to host the company. They also sued Google for an anti-trust violation.

In Twitter’s bid to continue to run a heavily censored platform, if they keep banning and censoring popular figures, they’ll eventually drive all their users straight into the arms of Gab.ai.


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