Aberrant Realities To Serve Double Shots of Sentient VR Drinks At The B.A.R.R
Double Shot

I once quipped that I’ve never owned a Virtual Reality device and even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. Mixing cocktails and shooting baddies from the rooftop of an 80’s nightclub seems like an interesting venture however and I just might be willing to partake.

It’s not your ordinary night shift after all, especially when you’re entrusted with a sentient drink preparation technology called B.A.R.R. Don’t expect to be told how that works since it’s the 1980s, the members of Aberrant Realities weren’t born then, and neither was I.

As you’d imagine though the underworld’s vying for more than a drink and they’ve taken to frequent Miami’s party scene with plenty of firepower; many high-stakes shootouts in between servings of brew to keep your customers happy then.

I’ve seen pistols/SMGs dual-wielded, Rocket Launchers fired at close range and even a HYPER WEAPON™️ stacked under the bar counter. Skins/attachments for each too, along with a defibrillator for when health runs low.

Additionally, at least one other level set on a sun-basked ship deck has been previewed besides Neon Heights, and the game seemingly awards you with a high score for precision in concocting drinks, chain kills and headshots all at once.

The team’s often seen programming to David Hasselhoff reruns which also lends credence to the game’s listed features of endless hours of combat that will make you feel like an 80’s action movie star, multiple baddies with roller skates, and a full-blown retro aesthetic.

All this might turn overwhelming especially in Virtual Reality, so Aberrant Realities is also promising to throw in an apartment lounge that players can retreat to between missions, relax and practice their trade.

Double Shot will be compatible with either of the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift when it debuts at an unannounced date on its announced Steam page.

It will also be seen at the Melbourne Con and Exhibition Centre where Aberrant been chosen to make an appearance for PAX AUS later this October and hey – currently looking for voice actors and beta testers on Twitter.  


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