Anker Introduces The Affordable Soundcore Liberty Lite Earbuds
Liberty Lite Earbuds

The newly released Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite Earbuds are sleek small and light, the black earbuds are not only affordable but come across as impressive as well. Recently listed on Amazon for $79.99, the wireless pair features – Graphene-Enhanced sound, with up-to-date audio technology bringing deep bass, true treble and clarity.

The Soundcore Liberty Lite’s boast of 12- hours of playtime, allowing the user up to 3.5 hours in playtime from a single charge and another extra 9 – hours in the compact charging case. Included with the charging case are four different sizes of silicon tips and wings. Once the Soundcore Liberty Lite earbuds are placed in the charging case they magnetically snap into place, each earbud has its own small charging light to let you know its charging.

With a simplified set-up, users are guaranteed ultra fast pairing while using Push-And-Go technology, The earbuds will automatically connect from the last-paired device on start-up. Liberty Lite Earbuds has IPX5 protection which resists water and liquids while working out in the sun or carrying out activities in the rain. It connects to Bluetooth 5.0, The small charging case (3x1x1) is great for portable carrying in pockets, and small accessory cases. The charging case uses micro-USB, and a 3 LEDs on the exterior indicates the charging level.

The single button on each earbud functions are for turning on and off the earbuds, allows music track control and for answering and ending calls, and a shortcut to either Siri or Google Assistant. Since the price is quite affordable, there is a slight trade off, you won’t have Siri or Google Assistant to talk to you regarding the battery level, or the connection status, instead the Soundcore Liberty Lite will sound out either a beep or a bloop sound regarding notification alerts, but for the price, these wireless earbuds boast of a nice tight seal fit (you could also look at this as a make-up for the lack of the voice communications in certain areas.)

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