Atomic Heart RTX Nvidia Trailer Explores The Wonders Of Facility 3826

Although Mundfish delayed Atomic Heart from 2018 to 2019, the devs have released a new video to sate thirsty fans. In the latest video trailer, we get to see the unique alternate Soviet Union through Nvidia’s Ray Tracing tech. Atomic Heart is set to release across PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

Mundfish sci-fi first-person action-adventure game, Atomic Heart, looks beautiful yet strange all at the same time. The game mixes old Soviet era tech with futuristic abstract art, opting for something visually intriguing and wondrous.

Well, it looks like all of above and more comes to life this time around thanks to Mundfish partnering up with Nvidia and using the latter’s Ray Tracing (or RTX) tech. The new video explores the amazing works found in Facility 3826.

Surely the new video by Mundfish and Nvidia gets the brain wondering what the game has to offer at launch, which a glimpse of Atomic Heart can be seen right here:

Hopefully, the silent delay means that Mundfish can polish up Atomic Heart to the point where gamers are pleased with it at launch. In addition to polish, hopefully, the game has no optimization issues, control problems, or bugs that prevent gamers from enjoying it.

The good news is that Atomic Heart’s Steam page doesn’t list that it will launch via Early Access. In other words, the game will release as a complete game instead of being a test product for public consumption.

Furthermore, if you are looking to jump into the alternate timeline that is Atomic Heart, the game is said by Mundfish to provide players a mystery to solve story-wise, a list of weapons to wield, gun and appearance customization, the ability to play stealthily, and the opportunity to fight Soviet robots and zombies in the game’s nebulous world.

You can find out more information on Atomic Heart by visiting its Steam page, by hitting up or watching the revamped official trailer.


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