Cathy Young Outs SJW Sci-Fi Author For Harassment; SJWs Call Cathy Young A “Nazi”

In a lengthy Quillette piece published on August 8th, 2018 by Cathy Young entitled “The Forgotten Story Of How Punching Up Harmed The Science Fiction Fantasy World”, Young exposes a Thai Social Justice author – going by the pen name Benjanun Sriduangkaew – as a bully, an abuser, and a harasser. Young also stated that Sriduangkaew was part of a close-knit subculture of SJWs who use their clout to bully and harass. Shortly after the article was published, SJWs used social media to bully and harass Cathy Young, calling her a “racist”.

The Quillette article goes through painstaking detail to recount some of the harassment Sriduangkaew – the author of books such as Winterglass and Scale Bright – directed toward men, women, and minorities from 2011 up until present day; this was all done under Sriduangkaew’s online pseudonym known as “Requires Hate”.

The article summarizes Sriduangkaew’s antics of targeted harassment, rape and death threats, as a more extreme parallel to the New York Times recently hiring in the anti-white racist Sarah Jeong, but also points out how the Social Justice cult that enables this behavior is just as dangerous…

“The Benjanun Sriduangkaew/Requires Hate saga is a striking cautionary tale in a number of ways. It shows how easily performative bashing of “the oppressors” or “the privileged” can turn into vicious bullying and harassment toward real people—and how easily a “marginalized” person can be reclassified as a “privileged” acceptable target. It shows what a devastating weapon anti-oppression outrage and social justice rhetoric can be in the hands of a malicious abuser, making it very difficult to curb the abuser’s behavior and making the victims particularly susceptible: witness the mind-boggling fact that an anonymous blogger’s unhinged ranting could make published authors afraid to write.”

Obviously, if this had been going on since 2011 why wasn’t it reported on sooner? Well, as Young points out, the SJWs protected Sriduangkaew and in 2014 when the first public signs of abuse were being talked about within the sci-fi community, the media was too busy running damage control for their own corruption while labeling #GamerGate a harassment campaign.

The article also cites Vox and Daily Dot pieces from Aja Romano who conveniently defended both Sarah Jeong and Benjanun Sriduangkaew on various occasions. If the name Aja Romano sounds familiar, it’s because Romano is a staunch anti-#GamerGate critic who vouched for getting the sub-reddit Kotaku in Action shut down because Romano classified it as a “hate speech” sub-forum.

Young’s article exposing the obsequious odiousness of the Social Justice community only enraged them, like a potent but ineffectual disinfectant riling up a roach hive.

Scurrying out from the dark corners of the web that remain unoccupied by sun-dwellers, the curates and chaplains of the Intersectional Inquisition took aim at Cathy Young for exposing Sriduangkaew’s history of abuse and harassment that bubbled beneath the surface within the sci-fi community.

With pronouns couched in their bio like water pistols in a holster, the SJWs went on the attack.

In one thread used as a way to defend Sriduangkaew and their work, one of the individuals decided to abject to the promotion of Sriduangkaew’s work after having read Cathy Young’s article. The individual attempting to promote Sriduangkaew’s work fired back that Cathy Young was an “anti-feminist” and a “Nazi”.

But it wasn’t just low threshold accounts that get easily offended at phalanx-shaped shadows and porcelain sets they deem racists, it was also journalists who came out to defend Sriduangkaew.

Federal policy reporter at Rewire News, Katelyn Burns, took digs at Cathy Young, tweeting that she was a “rape apologist”.

As noted in Young’s article, Sriduangkaew did post an apology on the Requires Hate blog back in 2014 for harassing and abusing others. But the abusive behavior didn’t end with the apology, and continued to persist thereafter.

Like bloodsuckers dragged out into the sunlight, exposing the behavior of SJWs to the public at large seems to result in a lot of screeching and hissing but not a lot of changing. Unfortunately, unlike the creatures of the night, exposing the bad behavior doesn’t vanquish SJWs, it only seems to harden their resolve as they scratch and claw their way back into the dank and lonely caves of social media, where they seem to covet the polemics of “Progressivism” and the piety of oppression.

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