Character Creator 3 Update Touches On 3D Character Pipeline

The second progress update has arrived as promised by the devs behind Character Creator 3, detailing how the tool is shaping up to complete the 3D game character pipeline for developmental purposes. The program is an upcoming standalone character generation tool by Reallusion geared toward indie devs, AR/VR titles, pre-viz, and animation production. Reallusion will release the program sometime in Q3 2018.

The “Work in Progress 2” update reveals more about adding optimized character bases for mobile, AR and VR developers. The update shows how CC3 integrates InstaLOD’s model and material optimization technologies to generate game characters that are animation ready with multiple LOD outputs.

The update also explores how bones can be optimized identically for game engine compatibility. The act of fully-rigged 10K polygon characters with detailed facial and body performance, and how the tool is compatible with iClone character animation tools and mocap system.

You can check out the video below, but it’s worth noting that the user interfaces (UI) and steps shown in this video are for demo purposes only. In other words, the UI is there to give viewers an early look at some of the team’s latest tools and progress:

The tool that is said to work with Unreal Engine, Unity, and CryEngine is the main 3D character customization tool for iClone. This tool, for those unaware, will help you create your own 3D characters without the need for modeling or paying an arm and a leg for modeling artists to custom design characters for you.

In addition to the above, you can also use this tool for character morphing/deformation, layering skin materials, conforming cloth with soft physics and defining outfit fabrics.

Lastly, there will be a closed beta set for select indie devs and game studios that are currently developing characters. If you’re interested and want a free copy of the new version of Character Creator 3, then you can learn more by heading on over to or


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