Code51: Mecha Arena Launches On HTC Vive, Oculus Rift For $19.99
Code51 Mech Arena

VR headset owners have been getting the shaft this year when it comes to interesting content. Most developers realize that there’s just a lot of limitations and a very small audience to provide VR content to at this time, while most publishers realize that making games for VR platforms is expensive with barely any kind of returns. Despite these hurdles there are still some developers trying to win over gamers with VR titles. Chinese developer SmellyRiver is one of those developers; they decided to release Code51: Mech Arena this year for the PSVR, and just recently they decided to re-release the game for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The Shanghai-based developers released Code51: Mech Arena onto the Steam store for $19.99. The game was made available over on the PlayStation Store several months, as noted by VR Focus.

The story is pretty simple, and it relies on mechs doing battles across three arenas set in Siberia, Area 51, and a Chemical Factory as they attempt to take control of a new energy source after World War III ruined the planet for everybody.

Players will select their mech and proceed to hop into an arena to do battle.

There are nine different mechs to choose from and 10 different weapons to equip. YouTuber Davestation VR gave it a rating of approval in his review, despite noting that there are limited game modes, and no single-player story mode.

Yes, it’s true… you only gain access to a Tutorial, Practice, and a Multiplayer mode. That’s it.

It’s weird because the developers crafted a rather thorough story about these warlords and vigilante groups forming following the collapse of the world powers in 2040. After the cataclysm, some researchers discovered a brand new energy source through a substance called Code51. The energy source was quickly commandeered and used by various groups to power up mechs, and each group attempted to vie for control of all of Code51.

A simple single-player story mode could have easily been crafted around Code51: Mech Arena, but alas it’s a multiplayer-only deathmatch game.

If you’re interested in checking out the PC version of the game for HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, you can pick up a digital copy from over on the Steam store.


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