Current Rumors And Talk Regarding The Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch Series 4

With Apple’s September iPhone event just around the corner, the rumors and talks are growing by the day regarding the Apple Watch Series 4. Many believe Apple will debut the Watch Series 4 during the September event, as many have guessed, Apple has not disclosed whether or not the Watch Series 4 will even be presented this year.

Information that has been gathered and presented is based on rumors and talk from different sources and mainly from former security analysts Ming-Chi Kuo, who is currently working for TF International Securities. Without further delay, let’s talk about what rumors are saying what to expect from the next Apple Watch.

The infamous former KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who is known for being 95% accurate when it comes to predicting information regarding Apple and it’s products has made several predictions regarding the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4 before he departed from KGI Securities.

Earlier this year MacRumors reported that Kuo predicted in a note sent out to investors that he believes the Apple Watch Series 4 models would feature a new design with a 15 % larger display, some believe this means case size not screen size, and a longer battery life to enabled battery capacity and improved health monitoring capabilities. Kuo explained why he believes Apple will increase the display size, because of a smaller bezels for the upcoming Watch Series 4. In a report by 9to5mac Kuo stated the Watch 4 will launch in the later quarter of 2018.

Since Ming-Chi Kuo made his prediction on Apple improving its health monitoring department, rumors have surfaced suggesting Apple may be exploring a sensor that would support continuous electrocardiograph monitoring which could detect serious heart conditions. Kuo also suggested the new design could be more elegant or have a more classy design, he topped off his predictions by saying look for an increase 0f 30% in sales when the Watch 4 launches.

Kuo made no prediction regarding what the starting price would be on the Watch 4, at this point there is no exact price point on what the cost will be for the Watch 4, of course, as you already know, just rumors, some believe a starting price of around $329 US for the smaller 38mm version.

As always, stay tuned for updates and rumors on the Watch Series 4 as the date nears for Apple’s upcoming September event.

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