Dank Boi Games Gives Away Gay Nation For Free To Start Conversation About Censorship

Gay Nation

Dank Boi Games’ Gay Nation is being given away for free. You can download the game right now without paying a dime by visiting GameJolt, itch.io, or Newgrounds. The goal is to help start a conversation about whether or not the game deserved to be banned from digital distribution services like Steam and Kongregate.

According to the developer…

“The goal is to bring attention to how even the most benign and satirical content gets caught up under dragnet censorship and hopefully spark discussion. We want people to play the game and then ask themselves: Is this really justified in being censored? We believe any sane person would answer “no” to that.”

The visual novel is about a dystopian future where America has been turned gay after Russia nukes the country with a highly concentrated gay bomb. Years later America embraces the gayness and decides to outlaw heterosexuality.

Players take on the role of an elite gay agent named Andrew, who works for a secret division that is tasked with hunting down the last remaining heterosexuals in America.

Andrew goes undercover as a student at a high school that is suspected of housing straight people. There he must discover if there are any straight people left or if the Gaystapo have become paranoid.

The satirical sociopolitical visual novel was originally banned from Steam for “trolling”, which is one of the only two metrics that Valve will be using from now on to ban games. The only other reason a game might be banned from Steam is because it contains illegal content or the developer is engaged in illegal behavior.

Originally Gay Nation was going to appear on Steam, but the reason that Valve called it trolling is because Dank Boi Games bean questioning Valve’s inconsistent policy on allowing some games on the platform while soft-censoring others by prohibiting them from release while the company works on an adult game filter.

When Dank Boi brought up the hypocrisy of how some games are allowed on Steam without being withheld, and other games are instantly withheld for arbitrary reasons, one of Valve’s employees reacted by banning Dank Boi and Gay Nation from Steam.

Meanwhile, according to leaked discussions from the Steam developer forum, Valve employees have informed some developers that the adult filter will take several more months to complete. This means any developers who have had their games withheld from release until the filters are in place, have not been able to sell their game on Steam.

As for Gay Nation, Dank Boi Games wanted to spark a conversation about whether or not the game deserved to be banned for trolling. Hence, gamers can play through the visual novel for free and decide for themselves.