Darksiders 3 GamesCom Trailer Teases The Return Of War And Death
Darksiders 3

THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games released a new GamesCom trailer for Darksiders III. The trailer lightly covers the game’s story and some of the enemies that Fury will encounter along the way.

The trailer compiles a couple of the locations that Fury will visit, including the subway stage that we see time and time over again, along with a few other locations that appear to be outside the realm of Earth.

We see the giant bug monster boss that Fury consistently fights in previous trailers, along with fire monsters, and a few other comic-themed characters. You can check out the trailer below.

The voiceover for the trailer talks about how Fury will have to go on this particular adventure alone, and that she won’t be aided by Strife, War, or Death. In the trailer we only see Death and War, though.

The voice also asks if her whip alone will be enough to complete the task?

The trailer didn’t really dive into anything that we haven’t already seen before, but it did tease Fury’s special powered-up mode where her hair turns fiery and her attacks deal more damage.

Most people seemed to be okay with the trailer. Unlike the initial announcement trailer there aren’t as many comments with people ragging on Gunfire for featuring Fury in the game. There are people who are still holding Gunfire to the flames in hopes that they don’t make this another feminist propaganda game.

I’m sure THQ nor Gunfire can afford to produce a stinker, and making feminist agitprop during this climate is a surefire way to cause your game to fail, as many other studios have found out the hard way in recent times.

So far the only repeated criticism against the game has been for the lack of combat maneuvers. A lot of gamers are hoping to see more or see something flashy.

Personally? It still looks like an Xbox 360/PS3 game, and it’s hard for me to shake that feeling seeing a lot of the same ho-hum features that were present in gaming a decade ago. With all the neat technology at the disposal of so many developers we still see such creatively sterile, and innovation-bereft designs in mainstream gaming these days.

Anyway, Darksiders III is due for release on November 27th, 2018 later this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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