Dead or Alive 6 Leifang Trailer Features Tentacle Action, But Fans Aren’t Really Digging It
Dead or Alive 6

Team Ninja released the latest trailer for Dead or Alive 6, featuring Hitomi and Leifang, the T’ai Chi Ch’uan Prodigy and the Fist of Innocence. We get to see both characters rolling out their moves and special attacks, along with some of the counter-attacks that the series is renown for. There’s also a focus on the giant tentacle looming in the background that hovers around the girls as they fight across a pirate ship.

The tentacle works as a stage transition, where if you destroy enough of the stage and knock your opponent into the tentacle, it will pull them down into the lower hull of the ship. It’s probably the first real over-the-top stage interaction we’ve seen in Dead or Alive 6 so far, as the other stages have either removed the transitions or kept them to a bare minimum. This is all part of Team Ninja attempting to make the game more “serious” and to appease the e-sports crowd.

According to producer Yohei Shimbori, these drastic changes – including reduction in sexiness, removal of the jiggle physics, and simplifying the combat – are all done to match “world trends”.

You can see the new trailer in action below, completely bereft of boob jiggle.

The trailer basically puts to motion the recently leaked screenshots featuring both the characters in action, along with a glimpse at the tentacle at play. However, the fans weren’t entirely digging it and the trailer’s like/dislike ratio suffered in result.

It’s interesting how Google has tried to thin out the like/dislike ratio bar so that it’s far less prominent, but trying to visually subvert audiences doesn’t change the fact that when audiences don’t like something they make it known one way or another.

In fact, for Dead or Alive 6 not only did the trailer get hit with downvotes, but there’s a growing segment of the audience making their opinions known by saying that they dislike the lack of jiggle physics, and they’re not too keen on the tentacle action.

There are a few people mentioning that they’re hyped, as well as others who had moderately positive feedback to give to Team Ninja about Dead or Alive 6. A few gamers are still holding out hope, claiming that they will make a purchase depending on how their favorites are depicted in the game or if jiggle physics will finally appear.

Basically it seems like as time goes on there is more and more disgruntlement and displeasure from the core audience for Dead or Alive 6, which is not a good sign for Team Ninja.

Some fans are still willing to give the game a chance, but it seems like every new piece of artwork and every new piece of gameplay footage seems to repel more gamers from the game than compel them to take interest in it.

Dead or Alive 6 is due for release in early 2019 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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