Dead Or Alive 6 Screenshots Finally Reveal Kasumi’s Classic Outfit
Dead or Alive 6

Team Ninja has been scrambling to turn around the negative perception of Dead or Alive 6, especially after disparaging comments were made by the developers about the game’s traditional fan-service heavy depictions. Many fans were angered that director and producer Yohei Shimbori denigrated large-breasted women by saying that they shrunk the breasts in Dead or Alive 6 to make the girls appear more human, and that they reduced the jiggle physics so that the girls moved more “natural”. Well, none of this went down well with the core audience, and so now Shimbori and the crew at Team Ninja are on damage control, which means they’re attempting to lure gamers back in by showcasing some of the fan-service that gamers have been expecting from the upcoming fighter.

Famitsu published a couple of new screenshots showcasing Kasumi in her true default outfit, which is the kunoichi garb with the pelvic curtain in the front and the string panties underneath. While a second screenshot reveals Leifang in her traditional high-cut cheongsam with black lace panties and open-toe heels.

Dead or Alive 6 - Leifang Dress

Dead or Alive 6 - Kasumi Kunoichi

As you can see, they at least took the time to add scratch and dirt marks on the girls’ butts.

This has been one of the more highly requested outfits after the game was initially announced. When Kasumi was first featured in the trailer she was in a full-body tactical suit, which did not go over well with many longtime fans.

Shimbori has been spending a lot of time in interviews attempting to distance himself from the fan-service that many fans have come to identify as a key trait in Dead or Alive.

The media has been heavily supporting Shimbori and game director Tom Lee’s efforts to de-sexualize the female characters, while also supporting the increased sexiness of the male characters.

Shimbori also briefly confirmed to Famitsu that the new auto-combo feature will be on display at Tokyo Game Show, along with some additional content. Shimbori also stated that he’s looking forward to demoing the game in Japan for the native Japanese audience.

Dead or Alive 6 is supposed to release in early 2019, but as of August the game is supposedly only 20% complete.

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