Dead Or Alive 6 Screenshots Reveal A Fully Covered Hitomi… And Tentacles
Dead or Alive 6

Some new screenshots have apparently leaked of Dead or Alive 6 featuring Hitomi and Leifang. The two girls are mostly covered from head to toe, with Leifang showing some midriff and bare arms, and Hitomi only having her lower arms on display.

AllGamesDelta posted up the screenshots for Dead or Alive 6 featuring the two girls. Leifang is in a form-fitting fighting suit, while Hitomi is in a full-on gi. You can see the two in their full profile shots below.



A couple of other screenshots also show the two in action, with a giant tentacle from an octopus roaming around in the background as if it escaped from a Toshio Maeda manga.

You first see it looming over Leifang after Hitomi knocks her back against the edge of what looks like a pirate ship.


Apparently the tentacle isn’t fond of just looking without touching, and decides to go in for the grab, snatching up Leifang like land-whales snatch up snacks from an all-you-can-eat buffet.


What happens to Leifang after that? I’m not sure… but anyone familiar with Japanese tentacles in fictional media probably already figured out what fate befalls the female fighter.

The ridiculous part about it is that so far there’s nothing on display with Dead or Alive 6 that shows that the game will appeal to the fan-service crowd at all.

Producer Yohei Shimbori has been telling fans “don’t worry” but everything that has been on display has basically been done to appeal the raving feminists who don’t even play games.

Hitomi is covered up all over, all of the boob-jiggle physics have been removed from the gameplay videos on display so far, and they removed the Soft Engine to replace it with a modified Dynasty Warriors 9 engine, so there’s no longer any soft-body deformation or physics effects for the characters. They also shrunk the female characters’ boobs because they claimed that larger boobs made them appear less human.

Shimbori has stated in past interviews that the reason that they decided to completely scrap most of the fan-service was to match “world trends”. Unfortunately for them, those “trends” are hated by actual consumers, which is why Marvel’s comic books are tanking in sales.

I have no idea what kind of audience Shimbori and the rest of Team Ninja are hoping to court by focusing on ryona instead of beautiful girls in sexy outfits with realistic boob physics, but we’ll find out when Dead or Alive 6 launches in early 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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