Dead Or Alive 6 Videos Show How The Sexy Men Lose Their Clothes
Dead or Alive 6

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja let loose another new set of gameplay videos for Dead or Alive 6 featuring the newly revealed Diego. There’s a gameplay teaser and a gameplay match featuring some of Diego’s moves.

Shoryuken posted up the two videos, starting with Diego’s reveal, which you can check out below.

The video introduces Diego in the most homoerotic way imaginable. He’s watching two dudes fight and then gets approached for a fight. Instead of accepting the fight in a manly way, Diego moves in close as if he’s about to kiss his antagonist, Rig.

The two start fighting, though, breaking up a moment that was clearly aimed at the gay fanfic crowd.

The end of the trailer pimps the Dead or Alive 6 showdown at this year’s EVO. I do wonder if people in the crowd are going to support the de-sexualization or rebel against it?

Anyway, a second trailer was unearthed as well, including more gameplay between Diego and Rig. Check it out below.

The second video shows how over-the-top the fights can get, as fighters fly high into the air, and take devastating blows and blast across the arena.

We see that really hard hits can damage characters’ clothing, as well as completely remove their clothing. In the case of the fight between Rig and Diego, Rig’s hoody flies open and his head, chest and torso are mostly exposed as he takes damage.

Diego’s damage is a lot more obvious.

When Diego is on the receiving end of a devastating attack his shirt blasts off in dynamic fashion, exposing his muscular, chiseled body; baring all for the audience to see. His glistening pecs and rock-hard abs are on full display like some sort of marble statue of a Greek god come to life. To top it all off, we see droplets of sweat and intoxicating secretions drench his manly body, working as some sort of digital pheromone to seduce the lusty eyes of thirsty viewers. All of this takes place while Diego glistens under the fiery glow of those hot, burning barrels.

Dead or Alive 6 - Man Juice

Team Ninja really invested a lot of time making sure the men look really alluring, and sexually attractive.

The team went in the opposite direction for the females, though. Stiffing their boobs so there’s no jiggle, and covering them up as much as possible, as well as shrinking their chest size because the producer claimed that smaller breasts make them more human.

What’s worse yet is that Team Ninja removed the Soft Engine in order to use a newer engine to focus on more “realistic lighting”. And as mentioned by the producer, Yohei Shimbori, they designed the female costumes and bodies to mimic the kind of designs in Marvel’s comic books. Yes, the SJW comics that are causing Marvel’s comic line to tank.

Dead or Alive 6 - Kasumi

As you can see in the video above, Kasumi is covered from head to toe and doesn’t jiggle an inch… anywhere. No thigh jiggle, no booty jiggle… and no booby jiggle. She’s like a stone cold fish.

Anyway, Dead or Alive 6 is due out for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Gamers are currently petitioning Team Ninja on to bring back the sexy and stop catering the game to SJWs and feminists. And we all know what happens when studios attempt to “awaken” the inner Diversity Beast…

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