Devil’s Hunt GamesCom Demo Footage Reveals Samey Gameplay
Devil's Hunt

Pre-alpha footage for Layopi Games and 1C Company’s Devil’s Hunt has finally surfaced, giving gamers near 10 minutes worth of gameplay for the upcoming third-person action game.

The 10 minute demonstration starts with a brief description of what gamers are about to see and the task that has been set afoot by the main character, Desmond. He’s apparently been commanded to get into a prison in hell and free one of Belial’s former soldiers, Agares.

Before Desmond can free Agares from prison, he must first destroy Lucifer’s Tower.

You can check out the video below.

The game starts with Desmond hopping down into a destroyed wreckage just outside of a giant tower where a bunch of bones and bloodied bodies litter the ground.

Basically it’s a depiction of what Europe will look like in about half a century.

You traverse throughout the environment using the ‘A’ button the Xbox controller to dash, climb, and interact with the environment via quick-time events.

Desmond has four main skills he can use from the four main face buttons on the controller. Each attack corresponds to the ‘X’, ‘Y’, ,’A’ and ‘B’ buttons. After using one of the skills they’ll need to cooldown and recharge before you can use them again, not unlike the skill system in Darksiders.

You also have basic attacks, with the right bumper letting you use light attacks, and the right trigger activating your heavy attacks.

You can dodge attacks using the left bumper and perform a finisher on weakened enemies by pressing in the right analog stick.

The game is really generic as far as gameplay is concerned, and the gameplay loops aren’t anymore impressive than the basic combat featured in third-person hack-and-slash games from a decade ago.

In fact, Heavenly Sword looked a lot smoother and unique when it came to its combat compared to Devil’s Hunt. You can check out a video below courtesy of Video Games Source that highlights the game’s combat.

It’s kind of disappointing that a game made in 2018 still seems so passe compared to a generation old title from 11 years ago.

Anyway, hopefully Layopi Games spends a lot of time working on Devil’s Hunt and fleshing out the combat so it feels a lot more engaging, as well as offering a deeper set of gameplay mechanics. The traversal was rather limited, and the platforming was basically non-existent. It seems a little disappointing that everything interesting about Devil’s Hunt could be showcased within just a few minutes of play.

But they still have until the third quarter of 2019 to get it all sorted out. You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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