Devolver Digital Forces Devs To Remove Nazi Tattoos From Scum
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The survival game Scum from developer Gamepires recently released into Early Access on Steam. The game is quite popular and has already garnered tens of thousands of sales in a matter of days. However, not everything has gone smooth when it comes to launching the survival game for the general public.

According to PC Gamer some overly sensitive individuals spotted tattoos in the game that resembled Nazi iconography and claimed in a Reddit thread that the developers were Nazis. Most normal people pointed out that the game is about criminal scum trapped on an island, and consists of society’s refuse, including rapists, murderers, cannibals, and Nazis. In a Steam forum thread the developers responded to someone else trying to accuse the developers of supporting Nazi imagery, and the developers responded by saying…

“It’s a game. It’s fiction. If you are offended by some textures in the game, please don’t play the game. Because if we start removing things that hurt someone’s feelings, it will be an empty game, with no people, no weapons, no blood, no humor, no♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ pooping, killing others, eating human flesh, killing animals.


“We are not right wing, we are not nazi supporters, we are not even germans, and only offending thing here, in my opinion, is calling us nazi supporters for no reason. Report it to game magazines if you want, but this thread came to it’s logical conclusion.”

This obviously did not sit well with the Social Justice Warrior community, who then decided to ramp up their efforts and take the issue to the publisher, Devolver Digital.

After complaining to Devolver Digital to censor the game, PC Gamer is reporting that Devolver complied, stating…

“The use of the tattoo was intended to assist in portraying a realistic element of prison culture and the horrid elements within it. This content has been patched out as of this morning, and Devolver Digital are currently conducting a full review of all assets and content in the game with Gamepires. We strongly condemn any and all use of hateful symbology in our games and agree it should have never been in the game regardless of creative intent or realism. Devolver Digital apologizes unreservedly.”

Essentially the mature-themed game can feature all sorts of depravity, but can’t reference Nazi iconography.

This left most normal people scratching their heads, especially given that sustaining this level of censorship in media will eventually lead to historical revisionism.

But that wasn’t all. Devolver Digital took things a step further, forcing Gamepires to apologize as well and to renounce their previous stance on being pro-freedom of artistic expression. Gamepires offered an updated press statement regarding the Nazi imagery that appeared in Scum, stating…

“Since our initial response on our forums [referring to the Steam post from Croteam, according to a Devolver rep] we’ve discussed this as a team and with our publisher and agree wholeheartedly that this content was unnecessary, should not have been included, and have removed it. We apologize for this misstep and promise to our fans that we will take more caution in our approach moving forward.”

This highlights a growing and concerning trend regarding SJWs: they are today’s Nazis.

Essentially SJWs represent many of the authoritarian principles of Nazism. The only thing they haven’t committed is literal genocide… yet.

Scum is available right now on the Steam store for $19.99.

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