DICE Wanted To Feature Women More Prominently In Battlefield 1
Battlefield 1 Women

The SJW agenda for rewriting history is no secret among anyone who is familiar with their social engineering schemes. DICE’s executive producer, Aleksander Grondal told Games Radar that they wanted to “jump on the bandwagon” by rewriting history about women’s roles in frontline warfare with the release of Battlefield 1. And that despite the game already featuring playable female characters, they wanted to feature them more prominently in the game.

Grondal stated…

“I mean, if we were getting on the bandwagon, I created Battlefield 1, and we could’ve ‘jumped on the bandwagon’ that time around,I think it’s a shame we didn’t [add women], because that perhaps would’ve been better for us.


“I don’t think it’s a bandwagon thing, I think it’s about gamers wanting to express themselves in different ways. If you take a look at Battlefield historically, it’s been about expressing yourself through gameplay, solving problems the way you want to, and these characters fall perfectly in line with that thinking.”

Unlike EA’s former chief design officer, Patrick Soderlund, who called gamers “uneducated” for not accepting DICE’s social engineering propaganda, which later resulted in Battlefield V’s pre-orders tanking, Grondal takes a more measured approach to the way the criticism has been shaping the marketing of Battlefield V.

He tells Games Radar that making people upset is “not great” but he still feels this is the kind of balance they wanted for the game, saying…

“Of course, any time that someone is upset about some choices that you make in the game, it’s not great. It’s not what you want to do, you want to create a game that’s the best game for all our players. That being said, we decided to make a game that involved personalising a character, creating your own company of soldiers. And we thought it was right that you could be able to be whomever you wanted to be in that context. We stand by that. I still think it’s the right thing to do, and I still think it’s the right thing for us as a franchise. It takes a good bit of balancing.”

Women were already a rarity on the battlefields in World War II, and were mostly relegated to resistance groups and the Soviet army. They were practically non-existent in the actual frontline war effort of World War I.

This idea that they need to put women into roles they didn’t actually occupy in the war is a continued effort by Leftists to use popular media to rewrite history. It’s agitprop.

Even still, there were some playable female soldiers – on the Russian side – that were later added to Battlefield 1 via DLC. Most gamers didn’t bat an eye since it wasn’t as conspicuously disrespectful as the way EA and DICE have been handling Battlefield V, where the main character used in the promotional material is a British woman with a cybernetic prosthetic.

Based on what various team members of DICE have said over the last several months, it looks like from here on out DICE will be using the series for propaganda purposes, removing what little historical relevancy Battlefield used to have in order to further the SJW agenda.


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