Drama Ensues Over MundaneMatt False-Flagging Scandal
Mundane Matt

YouTuber Matt “MundaneMatt” Jarbo has been at the center of online drama involving videos being false-flagged. Matt was flagging videos from other YouTubers such as Keemstar and Dame Pesos.

Keemstar, Mister Metokur and James Allsup joined in on the KillStream hosted by Ethan Ralph from the Ralph Retort. The video was posted up on Cognitive Thought’s channel. MundaneMatt was invited to the stream after the first stream was mysteriously shut down. When Matt did get on to the stream, Keemstar chewed into Matt for false-flagging YouTube content.

Other YouTubers have been posting overviews of the drama, pointing out that during the first-half of the livestream Matt denied flagging other YouTube channels, saying that he didn’t care about the drama or the trolling or the criticisms from other YouTubers.

However, two hours into the stream Matt was requested to pull up his YouTube reporting history and it showed that he had in fact flagged other YouTubers for making videos critical of him and his content.

Matt explained that the trolling and criticism on the internet did in fact get to him, and that he had flagged the videos out of anger.

Declan Black did a 14 minute compilation, breaking down the juicy bits of the livestream.

A lot of other YouTubers have also been posting videos covering the drama, and have resolved to say that MundaneMatt’s entire YouTube career is “finished” and “over”.

Drumr828 has a video going over how a lot of channels have been getting flagged over the years whenever criticisms were published of Mundane Matt.

There was also a video by Ethan Van Sciver, where he criticizes MundaneMatt for being very “unmanly” and “goofy”and for potentially false flagging his own content. Sciver spends 13 minutes ripping into Matt on his ComicArtistPro Secrets channel.

At the end of the KillStream, Matt stated that he would apologize to the people he offended, and that he was sorry for false-flagging and that he was going into therapy to deal with his anger issues.

[Update 8/15/2018: MundaneMatt made a post on Tumblr apologizing for his actions and stated that he has no plans to quit YouTube.]


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