Dungeon Girl’s Steam Release Gets Railed On For Being A Boring Clicker With No Lewds

Dungeon Girl

If you were hoping for Dungeon Girl to be one of those hidden gems where you’re just clicking on things, unlocking new content, journey through a somewhat compelling story tucked away in what seems like a Moe-style anime adventure with some hidden lewds sprinkled throughout the game, then you hoped in vain. According to the reviews over on the Steam store page, Dungeon Girl is a really simple clicker with a lot of text, and it’s been called boring because there are no lewds.

Inu to Neko and Fruitbat Factory rolled out Dungeon Girl back on July 30th, 2018. The game is currently available over on the Steam store for $11.99.

The game centers around Monica as she attempts the perilous journey of ascending the Tower of Light Blue and overcome the challenge of completing 1,000 floors. The game is described as featuring strategic puzzle-RPG elements with 300 items to craft and over 200 skills to use. You can see what the gameplay is like with the playthrough below from YouTuber Kate LovelyMomo.

Even though a lot of gamers liked the waifu-bait in some of the girls featured in the game, they didn’t quite care for how tame and “childish” the game appeared. If you check the Steam store ratings at the moment it’s mostly negative.

So what’s the issue? Well, as Dragnix points out, it’s for casual gamers who need a “time waster”. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re a casual gamer looking for a time-waster, but if you were going in expecting some sexy-time content, then you will need to look elsewhere.

Raggedrobin went in more depth about what didn’t work for the game and why he didn’t particularly care for it, writing…

“In terms of depth, challenge and taste level, this plays like a mobile game and I would not recommend it at full price. More or less, you feel like you are clicking a ton without much thought. The storylines are also too far into anime cheese territory with half the cast acting like 6 year old children.


”Having said that, if you like cute clickers with minimal challenge to zone out while playing, it’s not bad. I still wouldn’t recommend it without a half-price sale at least.”

Wolfy was a lot more enthusiastic about Dungeon Girl than some of the other reviewers, pointing out that he had pre-ordered the game two years before it came out just based on the cuteness, but was disappointed with the lack of lewdness, writing…

“It’s a VERY simple game, with no CGs, repetetive music, and no story at all. Also no lewds or even a little boob/butt.


“Don’t buy this if you’re expecting a great anime dungeon themed match-thingies game, Huniepop was better for that and has 10x the content (if the sexual side isn’t for you, just try bejeweled or something.)”

SethSabaku seemed to sum up a lot of people’s frustrations all in one post, explaining that the game is too expensive for what little it has to offer and that the gameplay loops aren’t interesting enugh to keep players engaged…

“I have had this game in my Whishlist for almost 4 months before release because it looked like a fun game with tactical puzzle RPG elements in a dungeon crawler setting. I was HYPED for this game.


“What i got was a clicker with a fixed screen size, walls of text, and no real tutorial that was clearly designed with a mobile market in mind (you find games like this on your phone for free) at a very steep pricetag for what it is (More that 2,50 € for what I was bothered to see from the game is just greedy).


“Maybe the game gets more intrigueing after a few hours. it is possible that tactics will matter more in the long run. i don’t know, because i can’t be bothered to waste what little time i have to play on a game this basic and unengaging.


“but the worst part is the pseudo-hentai japanese moaning sounds that spam every action you make and accompany every horribly written dialogue scene.


“You feel like you are watching a porn, while playing a clicker with a FTP game interface that you paid 12 bucks on.” [sic]

I guess if you want a game that’s not sexy but features cute waifus; a game that has a very simple puzzle mechanic that you’ll be stuck with for 1,000 floors with simple engagement; a game that has lots of talking but no actual CG sequences; and a game that will run you $11.99, then you can check out Dungeon Girl on the Steam store.

Otherwise, if you’re in the mood for something a little spicier, you might want to try Lilipalace.

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