Fallout 76 Will Not Be On Steam, Mods And Private Servers Might Come After Launch

After the newly updated FAQ page on Bethesda’s official website regarding Fallout 76, many people took to social media to get a clarification on the situation. Additionally, many people questioned Bethesda’s SVP of global marketing and communications, Pete Hines, where they would learn Fallout 76 will not be on Steam, and that mods and private servers might come after launch.

Firstly, let’s cover Fallout 76 and it not being on Steam. As posted on bethesda.net, Hines attempts to try to explain why the PC version of the game will only be launchable through Bethesda’s client:

Hines and the user would continue:

The conversation would end with Hines saying:

Just to let you know, as of this writing, the user never got a response as to why Bethesda is using its own launcher.

After Restless Thinker was done with Hines, another user by the name of Quick Thinker decided to ask about player-made mods and private servers. Hines response to the user lies below:

To clarify Hines response, user made mods, and private servers will not arrive at launch. The two might come after launch since Bethesda is planning on adding them sometime in the future. So there’s no definitive answer regarding their inclusion at the moment.

The good news is that Bethesda and crew will hold a Fallout 76 Q&A at QuakeCon 2018. Meaning that we should hear or learn what the team has planned going forward to settle any cloudy info surrounding the project.

Taking a look over to QuakeCon 2018, this year’s event features an expanded schedule, including the return of the Keynote Address and official Bethesda panels.

Folks who attend will be able to catch certain shows live at the event. Fans who are less fortunate and can’t make it will be able to watch the keynote live online via twitch.tv.

Fallout 76 beta is set to go live sometime this October, while the official launch will land across PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 14th, 2018.


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