Fap CEO Launches For Free And Uncensored On Nutaku

Nutaku announced that the browser-based strategy game, Fap CEO, is currently available for free over on their adult web portal. The game is a resource management game where you hire in chicks to work at your office, and then attempt to level them up as you build up and expand your video chat empire for adult entertainment.

It reminds me a lot of HunieCam Studio, just centered around the actual act of recruiting chicks, banging them, and making money from them.

Nutaku continues to grow and expand its library, thanks in due part to the inconsistency in content policies exercised by companies such as Valve. In fact, Ben Faccio, the product manager at Nutaku, explained…

“We have seen a lot of developers turn to Nutaku in light of Steam’s ongoing content restrictions. Steam is an all-ages platform, and Valve’s behavior has been unpredictable regarding their stance on hosting adult content. Nutaku.net is catered solely to an 18+ audience, so our developers can depend on the success of their titles.”

He’s not wrong. Just recently Gay Nation was pulled from Steam for “trolling”, even though Valve didn’t explain why. Some games like Lilipalace have been allowed on Steam while other games from Sekai Project have been withheld from release on the platform as the company readies its filtration system.

Anyway, Nutaku allows you to gain access to fully uncensored games like Fap CEO, without worrying about filters hiding the games or content restriction policies preventing them from being accessed.

In the case of Fap CEO, your job will be to hire in different girls, bang them, and make money from their video chat services.

Once you make enough money, sell the company and start over, unlocking new stories, new girls, and new opportunities to grow your business, and your faptitude.

You can play Fap CEO right now, for free, completely uncensored by visiting the Nutaku store page.


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