Fight Gluten Like a Viking on BOSSGARD, Now in Closed Beta

Much as I adore the sight and smell of it, I’ve known bread to be the cause of one too many digestive issues in my lifetime so yes, taking up arms against a slice of toast is not too out-there for me.

But what would that look like in the context of an asymmetrical multiplayer shooter? And why would Vikings have anything to do with it?

Indeed wacky seems to be the goal here as Sand Sailor Studio places no restraints in the use of the adjective across its press kits, store pages and/or other web content. BOSSGARD is also accessible and straight-to-the-point.

In its local co-operative multiplayer setting for two or more, BOSSGARD pits one absurdly designed boss against a horde of stylized Vikings; the latter, as a well-coordinated unit armed with weapons, rage and special attacks, must annihilate the boss against wacky battle arenas of the gas stove and espresso machine variety.

Meet Krampus the Blue! He's our first Viking and he just got revamped. Hope you like it.

Posted by Bossgard on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

These arenas seem quite active in terms of traps and gameplay variations offered. In addition there’s not much head-scratching here either as BOSSGARD omits the usual gear, levelling and stat calculation responsibilities of conventional games.

The only choices you’ll be concerned with is the form of boss you’ll be taking on, which isn’t only confined to gluten it seems, or which of the melee/ranged combat classes you’d prefer adhering to as a Viking.

BOSSGARD wants to come out on the Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime this year, as per its Steam page. Invitations to its Closed Beta have commenced as of the 28th of July and can be availed of by signing up for a newsletter of the game.

Selection for the Beta is no guaranteed unless you fall within a randomly selected happy bunch category, but you could perhaps plead your cause by sharing your own digestive issues on BOSSGARD’s official Discord.


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