Final Fantasy XV Nude Cindy Nude Mod Available For Download
Final Fantasy XV Cindy

The Dead or Alive girls featuring their Dead or Alive Xtreme bikini outfits have traveled into the world of Eos where you’ll be able to play as the hotties instead of the boy band in Final Fantasy XV. The Dead or Alive troupe is topped off with a new mod that also lets you play as Aranea wearing nothing but Shiva’s crotch cover and boob cups, so you get to see the fighting vixen in all her shapely glory. And also, there’s finally a nude Cindy mod available for all of you who have been waiting for one.

So we start with the Rachel Red Hot Summer mod from gatto tom. This mod sees a bikini-clad Rachel in a see-through blouse and rainbow colored bikini with white sunglasses replacing Gladiolus. You can download the Rachel mod by subscribing to the Steam Workshop page.

Final Fantasy XV – Momiji

You can also download several other characters from the Dead or Alive series as well, including Momiji, which you can grab from the Steam Workshop page.

There’s also Hitomi, wearing a red polka-dot two-piece bikini. The busty fighter will replace Noctis in Final Fantasy XV and you can grab her from the Steam Workshop page as well.

Final Fantasy XV - Hitomi

Last but not least of the DOA girls is Kokoro.

This raven-haired beauty is decked out in a hand-print getaway bikini. Kokoro will replace Prompto during the main campaign of the game as well as during the DLC expansion.

You can download Kokoro for Final Fantasy XV by visiting the Steam Workshop page and clicking on “Subscribe”.

Final Fantasy XV - Aranea Shiva Style 2

Next up is Aranea from Hal. This is a mod made by a Japanese modder who wanted to see Aranea stripped down and showing off more of her luscious body, which was previously hidden behind lots of stylized dragoon armor. Now she’s wearing nothing but the same barely-there lace and C-cup thong that Shiva dons in Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV - Aranea Shiva Style

As you can see, there’s almost nothing left to the imagination, as you can see every inch and every curve on display of the buxom mercenary warrior.

If you want to see Aranea going around in little more than a Carnaval-style thong, you can do so by grabbing the mod right now from over on the Steam Workshop page.

Final Fantasy XV Nude Cindy

Now there are two versions of the Cindy mod that everyone has been clamoring for. The first version is Cindy rendered with Shiva’s clothing, which you can download by subscribing to the Steam Workshop page.

The second version is a nude Cindy mod. This was made available over on Hal’s website.

As he explains in the post, he had to convert the body of Shiva over to Cindy and then nudify her. Since he didn’t want to get flagged by Steam, you’ll have to download the nude version of Cindy from

The file is a 41MB download, and you will need a password to open it up. The password for the MediaFire file is: cidney

How To Install Nude Cidney/Cindy Mod

  1. First and foremost, download and extract the contents of the zip file.
  2. In order to install the nude mod you’ll need to install the Final Fantasy XV mod organizer first and foremost. You can download the mod organizer for free from over on the Steam store.
  3. Open the Mod Organizer and choose to create a new mod.
  4. Choose the model and then select Cidney, and then click create.
  5. Right click on the created mod and then open the asset folder.
  6. Paste the zip file contents into the folder.
  7. Right click the properties and select the button to choose a file and then select the .fbx file.
  8. Right click on the mod and choose to build the mod.
  9. Once the mod has been built, you can now see a brand spanking new nude Cidney (or Cindy) at the Hammerhead Station.

Final Fantasy XV is available right now for home consoles and PC, but only the PC version gets the nude mod for Cindy. All hail the glorious PC Master Race.


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