Foxynite Combines Action-RPG Mechanics With Uncensored H-Scenes

The ultimate combination of sexy-time and action-time. Gamebau’s Foxynite is like a mix of Scarlet Blade and House Party. You have fast-paced, 3D-oriented action role-playing gameplay with a combination of uncensored, adult-themed H-scenes.

Nutaku announced that Foxynite is currently available right now as a free-to-play game over on the Nutaku store page. The game is a sci-fi, big-boobed, action-fantasy adventure for those of you looking to indulge in a bit of rapid key presses and rapid joystick strokes, all contained with a single game.

You can check out the gameplay launch trailer below to get an idea of what Foxynite’s gameplay is like.

As you can see, there are lot of different ways to witness explosions taking place, but even more than that you’ll have campaign missions to conquer, co-op battles to complete, PvP arenas to compete in, daily battles to play, and boss challenges to overcome.

The best part about it is that all of the ladies are lovely, all of them have big jiggly boobs, and there’s even a collectible costume meta game featured in Foxynite so you can dress up your characters exactly the way you want. That’s not to mention that if you click through the image below you can also see what some of the more naughty segments look like as well.

This is definitely a showcase of Nutaku stepping up their game and offering more than just common clickers and visual novels.

Foxynite is set in a futuristic, steampunk universe where the objective is to help guide gorgeous ladies through battle in order to defeat evil enemies scattered throughout the land. The more battles you win the more costumes you unlock. Additionally you’ll also be rewarded with some steamy 3D H-scenes.

You can jump into the action right now by heading on over to the Nutaku store page to begin playing Foxynite right now.


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