#GamerGate Supporter and Game Developer James Desborough Perma-Banned From Twitter
Grimachu Censored

Game developer James “Grimachu” Desborough, also known as Grim Jim, from Postmortem Studios, was recently perma-banned from Twitter. The handle Grimachu might sound familiar to some gamers as a pro-#GamerGate developer, and one of the few people who spoke out against corruption back during the early days.

In a post published over on the official Postmortem Games website on August 15th, 2018, Twitter suspiciously perma-banned Desborough for a tweet he made that was directed at Wil Wheaton.

In a video published on YouTube, Desborough goes slightly more into the details of the banning, as well as his attempts to get his account back.

Unfotunately the Google cache does not display what the tweet was, and if you attempt to visit the Grimachu Twitter account, it states that it’s suspended.

As noted in the video, he’s been unable to get the Twitter account restored after it was permanently suspended. He also doesn’t want to circumvent Twitter’s rules in order to have his account restored.

For those of you unfamiliar with Desborough, he has a long and storied history with challenging the status quo. As recounted on the #GamerGate wiki, Desborough was one of the few developers interviewed for The Escapist to give his take on #GamerGate, but some SJWs complained to the outlet in order to have his interview taken down. He would also later release a book called Inside GamerGate, which was suspiciously met with censorship from YouTube when he attempted to go on to a livestream to talk about the book.

Some fear this could be Twitter further extending its arm of censorship to usurp the voices not aligned with the far Left. The social media platform has been readily banning and censoring Right-wing pundits and groups, and after taking down fairly large figureheads, some fear that Twitter is now targeting others on the Conservative daisy-chain.

A number of others have also been perma-banned from Twitter under questionable circumstances, including Sky Williams and Sargon of Akkad. Attempts at appeal have been futile, and most of the bans have been done under the banner of “hateful” content, with little or no explanation on what made the allegedly offending tweet “hateful”.

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