Girls Dance VR Uncensored Mode Is Already Bundled Into The Game
Girls Dance VR Uncensored

If you purchased Girls Dance VR from Steam then you purchased the censored version of the game. No worries, though, there are ways around the censorship and the developer wasn’t shy in providing a workaround right from the comfort of the Steam page itself.

Over on the Steam page for Girls Dance VR, which recently released, there’s a post from the game’s developer teaching you how to activate the uncensored mode in Girls Dance VR.

  1. Simply open up the Steam client and scroll down to Girls Dance VR.
  2. Right click on the game and click on “Properties”.
  3. Click on the “Local Files” tab and then click on “Browse Local Files”.
  4. When the game folder opens up, go into the data/streamingassets/ folder.
  5. There’s a file called “censored.json”. Open it up with Notepad.
  6. Change the state from “False” to “True”. Save the file and exit.

That’s it. You now have an uncensored version of Girls Dance VR.

The whole objective of the software is to watch big, busty anime girls dance while their jiggle physics do the rest.

You can also control the animations, as depicted in the video above. You can slow down or stop the animations and examine their art form of the girl’s dancing abilities and posture.

There’s also a variety of different stages and dance styles to choose from, so you can have your favorite anime girls dancing in the kind of environment that you want.

It’s a lot like a poor man’s version of MMD for Steam.

You can pick up a digital copy of Girls Dance VR right now from the Steam store for $9.99. During the game’s first week of availability on Steam you can get it for 20% off for only $7.19.

It’s a little shocking that Valve would approve for this game to be on Steam, while a bunch of other games are being what some consider to be “soft censored” by being withheld from release on the platform until the “filter” tools are completed, which are supposedly several months out from being implemented.


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