Graveyard Keeper Cheats Unlock Infinite Money, Infinite Corpse Lifetime
Graveyard Keeper

Lazy Bear Games and tinyBuild managed to nab a hit success with the 2016 release of Punch Club. The irreverent rags-to-riches fighting game was like a cross between Rocky and a meme thread on FunnyJunk. Its popularity led to Lazy Bear Games taking their irreverent ideas to the next level, where you work as a medieval groundskeeper in Graveyard Keeper. You’ll have to deal with tough financial situations, ridiculous ethical quandaries, and the typical assortment of obstacles that come with managing a graveyard. For those of you who hate the idea of working hard to keep the graveyard in tip top shape, there are some cheats to help you out in that area.

The first cheat trainer you can grab from

The trainer for Graveyard Keeper has the following options:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Durability/Corpses
  • Grave Quality
  • Unlimited Money

This should be enough to get you up and running in the game without running into any problems or obstacles.

The next cheat trainer has free and premium options, which you can download from over on

The trainer contains the following options for Graveyard Keeper:

  • +100 Gold
  • +1,000 Gold
  • +10,000 Gold
  • Reset Money to 0
  • +1 Day
  • -1 Day
  • Infinite Durability
  • Infinite Energy
  • God Mode
  • Cheap Tech Upgrades

Since the goal of the game is to turn your graveyard into the most lucrative burial site in the region and most comfortable abode for the mortally challenged, you can use the infinite money cheat so you don’t have to make tough decisions in order to bring in some cash to keep your graveyard in working order.

Alternatively, the god mode means that you won’t have to worry about biting the dust when you go deep diving into dungeons and caves that most mortal men would avoid because they don’t want to be killed real good by illegal al – ehh, demons or the undead.

There’s also a fast-money exploit you can take advantage of courtesy of YouTuber GameSHarkHD.

Now if the cheats from MegaDev just didn’t do anything for you, there’s also a premium cheat trainer from

The cheat trainer for Graveyard Keeper has the following options:

  • Infinite Energy
  • Infinite Corpse Lifetime
  • Change Money
  • Change Quantity of Selected Item
  • Infinite Item Durability
  • Free Crafting/Building
  • Super Speed
  • Perfect Grave Quality
  • Free Tech Upgrades
  • Set Time to Day
  • Set Time to Midnight
  • Freeze Time of Day
  • Reveal Map

Now these cheats are slightly different, insofar that you have the perfect grave quality cheat so you don’t have to actually work toward improving the quality of your grave site. There’s also the ability to preserve the quality of the corpse using the infinite corpse lifetime, which would probably be the bane of just about any mafioso hitman. The free crafting and building cheat means that you can expand your graveyard without having to wait for the structures to be built or go through the painstaking task of gathering supplies to craft items and structures.

Graveyard Keeper is a single-player game so you can cheat up and down the game, left and right just like just like Dr. Disrespect. Unlike the Doc, though, you don’t have to worry about getting caught and ending up on the couch because your wife spotted some thots in your phone that you forgot to delete.

Anyway, you can pick up a digital copy of Graveyard Keeper right now from the Steam store for $19.99. Alternatively, if you already own the game and want to cheat real bad, you can do that, too.


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