Honest Trailers’ Andy Signore Sues Defy Media For Unfair Firing

Andy Signore

Honest Trailers creator Andy Signore was a victim of the #MeToo movement, being fired for sexual misconduct back in October of 2017. Signore isn’t taking the firing lying down and has decided to fire back by suing Defy Media, the parent company of the Honest Trailers brand.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Signore claims that Defy Media used #MeToo to fire him and strip him of ownership rights without a proper investigation.

It is true that many of the #MeToo firings happened as a reactionary placation to the unhinged Twitter mobs calling for heads. In some cases, such as the one involving Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick, the investigation revealed that he indeed was not a perpetrator of sexual misconduct as had been alleged by his ex-girlfriend. AMC reinstated Hardwick after the investigation concluded and revealed that he was innocent of the claims.

In the complaint, Signore claims that Defy Media fostered a culture of “objectifying” and “demoralizing” people and “especially women”. He claims that the company unlawfully fired him without due process. Signore also acknowledged that he did have infidelities with women, including sharing women among the Defy staff.

Signore stated…

“The past year has been extremely difficult after being falsely accused of sexual assault. As a result, I had my ownership in the company taken away, lost my family and my reputation. I have never threatened, abused, assaulted or forced myself on anyone. I did however engage in infidelities that I regret tremendously.”

Signore claims that all of the infidelities were consensual and took place back in September of 2015, stating that there are records of consent between the parties.

The claims made by Signore about Defy Media having rampant sexually harassment that went unchecked, however, have been shot down by the company, who issued a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, saying…

“These claims are not grounded in facts and will be found to be baseless,”

It looks like the #MeToo movement is crumbling under its own weight, and the repercussions could be drastic for the desperate measures some companies employed in an attempt to hastily resolve situations spawned from public outrage.