HuniePot Dev Adds Trans Switch For HuniePop 2 Character
Hunie Pop 2

Hunie Pot Studios, the developers of HuniePop 2, came under fire for announcing that one of the characters in the upcoming dating simulator is transgender. The character’s name is Polly Bendleson, and as reported by NicheGamer, the character is transgender. The news came along with an announcement that HuniePop 2 was also being delayed into 2019.

A lot of gamers didn’t quite care for the new character, and the overwhelming response from the community had HuniePot responding by adding a new trans toggle switch for the character for people who didn’t want to play with the trans character in the game.

The announcement came via a tweet from the official Hunie Pot Twitter account.

If you’re unable to read the statement from the tweet, it states…

“[…] The video states that Polly ‘has a dick’, meaning she’s trans. This ended up causing a very split reaction that I, honest to god, did not expect. This is a character we’ve been asked for hundreds of times. I was very much under the impression that ‘girl with dick’ (whatever you want to it) was a pretty universal interest/preference/fetish among Anime/Hentai/Visual Novel fans. I can’t even keep track of how many hentai’s I’ve seen where some chick all the sudden breaks out a huge cock; a fantasy fetish that can be enjoyable on screen but that doesn’t necessarily translate to real life for everybody.


“The response seems to be split more or less right down the middle. For every person that’s inter her, there’s person that isn’t. I even put up a straw poll to which 43% of the respondents (at the time of this writing) indicated that they would appreciate some way to skip Polly entirely (but still be able to fully complete the game).


“Being that our only jobs is to make a fun game that everyone can enjoy, I’ve decided to put the power in the hands of each player to choose the experience that best suits them. In the same way you can choose your own gender, you’ll be able to choose Polly’s gender. I’m not sure exactly how it’ll play out yet, but at some point before or during your first meeting with Polly, you’ll be asked to specify your preference and the game will take it from there. That’s it!


“So, if you’re into her as a trans girl, you’ll get the full trans Polly experience. If not, she’ll be a natural born lady just like the rest of the cast. If you don’t care either way, you can choose one gender on your first play-through and the other on a subsequent play-through. Why not? Mix it up! More options, more fun.


“It’ll require a little extra work on our part, but, that’s fine by us. Thank you very much for all the feedback, suggestions and discussion on the matter. I know that no decision will ever satisfy 100% of people but having the ability to choose for yourself seems like the best way to make the most players happy!”

This sort of toggle switch is what a lot of gamers had asked for in Nexon’s Hyper Universe, which Nexon denied because they felt an SJW toggle switch would defeat the purpose of censorship.

Nexon’s decision went on to cost them big time with the player count in Hyper Universe.

Hunie Pot Studio decided to give the fans an option instead of blowing them off altogether, showing that the dev is very flexible instead of simply throwing gamers under the bus the way DICE has done with games like Battlefield V or the way Naughty Dog said they don’t make games for anti-SJW gamers.

HuniePop 2 is due for release in 2019.

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