I Didn’t Know What a Kunai Was, Until I Found Kunai

Tabby is no ordinary tablet off the Apple/Samsung assembly line.

As a matter of fact, he’s elite, wields a couple of Kunai (I had to look that one up, I’ll be honest. Turns out it’s a farming implement turned ninja tool, correct?), is imbued with the souls of a few ancient warriors and knows a bit of parkour.

All that’s naturally very handy when you’re one of many bots that’s managed to survive the annihilation of humanity; it also provides incentive enough to discover your purpose in the world, for which purpose Kunai’s is Metroidvania in nature.

That means plenty of exploration and backtracking in sidescrolling/platforming fashion, especially when TurtleBlaze believes every developer must commit to a 2D platformer at some point of their budding careers.

Any way I like how Kunai sticks to a very minimal color palette. It’s what drew me to the game in the first place, particularly the GIF that follows, and you’ll find that it does so with quite a bit of style.

Kunai is also high mobility as it pits Tabby against all sorts of sentient machinery and mecha, to the point where it’s happy to bestow with plenty of other ninja moves. The Kunai appear to help with traversing across the environments quite a bit, and it all seems like cheery fun until Tabby dual wields a couple of SMG’s towards the trailer’s end.

What else is TurtleBlaze promising? A very interactive storyline by the looks of all the NPC friends you’ll be making and even a local co-operative game mode. A speed-run trial was propped up for visitors to the game’s booth at last week’s Gamescom, which is also indicative of the fact that development has already made a substantial amount of progress.

The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam are in sight for a planned 2019 release. You may sign up for ‘goodies’ till then, here.


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