Kill La Kill: The Game Only Has One Melee Attack Button But Deep Battle Mechanics
Kill La Kill

Arc System Works revealed some new screenshots and info about the upcoming Kill La Kill: The Game. For instance, they explained that the game only has one melee attack button that you’ll use to carry out combos and melee moves, but they can be combined and used with the directional pad to change the way the characters perform the attack. So it’s very similar to Bandai Namco’s Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm titles, where there’s just a basic melee button but different types of presses and directions can alter and modify the move.

The info over on the official website also details how how you can also evade and guard against attacks. Using a proper evasion will also enable you to exact a break attack.

Kill La Kill - Battle Screenshot

In addition to detailing how the combat system works, they also released some new screenshots for the game as well, showcasing the two main characters duking it out in the arena.

We also briefly see how the guard block can absorb an attack without the person on the receiving end becoming affected.

Kill La Kill - Satsuki Fight

Another really unique feature is the ability to talk to your opponent during battle. A short sequence will play where you’ll need to do a rock, paper, scissors style game during the fight that lasts for only three seconds. This is similar to the gambit featured in Injustice 2, where you can wager your specials in order to get an advantage over your opponents.

You’ll gain a power up from the blood level if you manage to win the mini-game. The upcoming game is due out for PC and PS4. It will be on display at this year’s EVO over the weekend. I can only imagine how triggered feminists and SJWs will get over how sexy the main characters look and how much skin is exposed.

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