Latest Rumors Say One Of The New iPhones Will Support The Apple Pencil
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With the upcoming Apple Special Event in September approaching, more rumors and talks are surfacing on what to expect from Apple as far as new and improved features for the upcoming iPhones are concerned. A recent rumor speculates Apple may introduce the Apple Pencil with one of the three iPhones scheduled in the line-up.

According to the report by Macrumors, former analyst for KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that the Apple Pencil would support a future iPhone but not until 2019 at the earliest.

As a quick aside, Samsung just debuted its Samsung Note 9 smartphone at its annual unpacked event on August 9th. Samsung’s latest device now accompanies the Samsung S Pen stylus. With that being said, it now puts Apple and any top competitor in a position where they will have to step it up in order to meet the standards Samsung has just set.

Other rumors and talk are also centered on one of the three new iPhones scheduled to debut in September sporting the Apple Pencil stylus, and one will have a storage option of 512GB. If this rumor is true — once again in comparison to the Samsung Note 9 — the future iPhone is very similar to the Samsung’s Note 9, which already has the storage option of 512GB. To add more to the rumors, some believe the future iPhone will have a dual SIM version on one model, probably the largest iPhone with the most storage options, and if talk is correct, expect the largest iPhone of the three to start around $999. The other two are said to cost less then the more expensive one.

Just to add another talking point to the equation, a recent report by Cnet stated that Apple already has the two OLED models assembled, while the LCD budget model will start assembly around the middle of September, and the expected shipping date should occur between September and October.

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