Madden NFL 19 Longshot Homecoming Gameplay Walkthrough
Madden NFL 19 Walkthrough

EA Sports’ Madden NFL 19 is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can pick up a digital or physical copy of the game right now. For those of you in need of a little help with getting started, understanding the controls and diving into the new career mode, there are some gameplay walkthroughs available.

YouTuber King Shawnn has a firsthand look at the Franchise Mode, which allows you to dive into building out your own custom roster and team while attempting to become the best team in the league. You can check out the video below.

How To Play

There’s a new upgrade feature in the season, where you can upgrade your characters using the grouping attributes. Once you start the career mode you’ll need to setup your characters, your training and your attributes before stepping out onto the field.

Before the snap you can setup audibles or change the plays on the fly using the right analog stick.

Additionally, you can change the on-the-field plays using the Coach Stick by holding down the right trigger before a play starts. This will allow you to change the plays using the Coach Cam and then using the left analog to change the wide receiver routes for the plays on the left and the right analog to to perform additional sprints. You can use the left trigger or right trigger to change the plays.

Madden NFL 19 - Passes

How To Pass

After the snap you can hold down Triangle on the PS4’s DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox One controller to make an aggressive catch during a play. You can also setup passes off the snap using the face buttons on the controller to perform different types of passes, including bullet passes, lob passes, and touch passes. Different types of button presses will determine how the passes are made. You can hold down Circle on the DualShock to do a bullet pass, and tap Circle for a lob pass. You can also control some of the passes using the left analog for the manual control.

You can also perform high passes by holding down the left bumper to do a high pass and the left trigger to a low pass.

You can use this during the various modes when you have control of the team. Some of these features also spill over into the other modes as well.

Longshot 2 Homecoming Walkthrough

In addition to the standard franchise mode and the Longshot mode returns in the form of Longshot 2: Homecoming. YouTuber TheRadBrad also has a playlist of the Longshot 2, which spans the continuation of the story from Madden NFL 18‘s Longshot campaign.

The Longshot: Homecoming picks up with Devin Wade and Colt Cruise, where Devin has been picked up with the Dallas Cowboys and Cruise has been left out in the cold.

Devin is struggling on the Cowboys while Cruise is a struggling musician still trying to get back into the NFL. You’ll need to play through the training here. You can take some of the skills you pick up from the Franchise and exhibition modes into the Longshot career.

Your objective is to complete the training and get into the end zone to complete the training.

Madden NFL 19 - Colt Ain't Cruisin'

Colt’s dad reveals that Colt has a half-sister, just like in The Journey in FIFA 18. Colt’s dad employs his deadbeat skills and leaves Colt with his half-sister.

In between this, you’ll head back to playing as Devin with the Cowboys. You’ll end up not doing so great during the match, but you need to practice using the passes you learned from earlier to proceed through the segment.

It’s not long but simply use the left and right bumper to change the pass types and use the face buttons to execute the different types of passes.

Madden NFL 19 Longshot - Loretta

The pre-play menu that you learn about before using the right trigger comes into play in the next segment. Press in the right analog button and then use right trigger to modify the audibles.

The purpose of the pre-play is to allow you to select a receiver and then pass off the snap. You can still use the pass techniques you learned from earlier, either by tapping the face button, double tapping the face button, or holding down the face button.

Once you score you’ll complete the segment and there will be a flashback where you’ll play as Colt and must make a drive for the touchdown. Use the juke and spin with Square or Circle.

Madden NFL 19 - Pre-Play Controls

Advanced Pre-Play Controls

You’ll have another preseason game to play as the Cowboys. The segment focuses more on the pre-play controls.

Just like before, you’ll need to press in the right analog button, and then bring up the pre-play menu. Use the right analog to cycle through the menu to adjust your offense. You can press Square on the DualShock to call an audible or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller. You can press Triangle (or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller) for hot routes, or use the coach cam with the right trigger, or go for pass protection with the left bumper.

Use the pre-play feature to break right across the field to penetrate the defense of your opponents. Drive up the field using the pre-play.

There’s a second training involving additional pre-play tactics to drive up the field. Continue to mix and match tactics in order to complete the segment.

Colt Bullfrogs Training

Colt Cruise will have to train with some kids. It’s a 7-on-7 rule where the quarterback can’t pass the line of scrimmage, and passing plays are the only plays. There are no special team plays, and interceptions are called dead. Also there are 15 yard first downs.

There are no tackles, just touch takedowns.

Colt is offered a coaching job at the high school, and then it switches back to Devin, who must attempt to make it to the end zone during the third quarter in week 4 of the preseason.

Make your way up the field. You can use the pre-play to pull off some audibles, or you can go for some longer passes cycling through the menu using the right analog.

If you can successfully win the game then the Cowboys will keep Wade on the team.

Madden NFL 19 - Coach Earl

After a super long cinematic, Colt will get an opportunity to tryout for the Miami Dolphins at the training facility.

You’ll need to need to utilize the different catches during the catch exercise.

Run to the white highlighted circle and then use the different catches, including standard catches and the aggressive catches within the white circles to complete the segment. You’ll need to complete seven segments.

Colt Becomes The Coach

Colt will make the cut and become a Miami Dolphin, but the old man, Hank, will die.

You’ll need to play as Colt as a wide receiver.

Follow the lines on the given plays to complete the plays. Even if you succeed and manage to score a touchdown, the Dolphins will cut Colt, forcing him back to Mathis, where he’ll become the coach of the high school football team.

You’ll come back in playing as the Bullfrogs’ coach and will have to attempt to put some numbers on the board after being down 28 to 0.

As Colt, you’ll get to make use of the new coach cam and select the plays from the sidelines instead of using the quarterback pre-play feature.

If you setup the plays right and get the team to the end zone, you’ll be able to win the game in the dynamic comeback.


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