Mega Milk Story Now Available With R18+ Uncensored Patch

Mega Milk Story R18 Uncensored

One of the most highly anticipated RPGs has finally launched on Steam, and it arrived with the equally anticipated R18+ uncensored patch. Sugar Star and Citadel Translations’ Mega Milk Story can be picked up right now from over on the Steam store for $13.99. However, during the first week of release you can get the game for 30% off the normal price for only $9.79.

You can download the R18+ patch right now from the Citadel website.

There are a number of different locations for the patch. You’ll also find a Japanese language uncensored patch and an English language uncensored patch. Be sure to get the one that fits the region for the game that you own.

If you need help with installing the patch there’s a quick guide over on SteamUncensored.

  1. First and foremost you need to download the 64MB executable patch from the Citadel link.
  2. Proceed to select “Auto Find Game Folder” and once it locates the game folder click on “Patch!”
  3. If the folder of the game is not in the usual location, be sure to select the proper location using the button to manually locate the folder. Typically the folder for Mega Milk Story will be located at /steamapps/common/Mega Milk Story.

Once the patch is complete boot up the game and enjoy all the uncensored, milky goodness.

Mega Milk Story is a traditional story about raising a healthy, milky chichi named Hanako. You must train her to produce delicious, sumptuous white milk and sell it to those who desire the taste of the milky liquid on their lips.

The game follows the rancher George, as he attempts to raise a money-making chichi. To help pay the bills for the ranch is a mercenary named Erin, who explores nearby caves and forests for items to help take care of Hanako.

George will attempt to raise the value of the farm and win over the heart of the noble, Charlotte.

The game features multiple endings along with a very plot-heavy prologue that gives gamers lots of options on how they build up the chichi ranch. There are also over 100 craftable items in the game.

Some gamers didn’t like the opening prologue which featured a schoolgirl getting trained multiple times, but others enjoyed the fact that it’s a game that basically delivers on exactly what it advertisers, which is providing fans of big oppai plenty of fan-service. You can pick up a digital copy of Mega Milk Story right now from the Steam store.

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