Microsoft Announces Two New Xbox Wireless Controllers, Including A Special Edition
Xbox Controller

Microsoft will soon debut two new special edition Xbox Wireless Controllers in September.

The first of the two wireless controller that’s offered by Microsoft is the black controller called the Phantom Black, this controller is translucent that fades to a metallic champagne gold color. The translucent chassis features a textured grip and supports button remapping.

If you are a gamer who enjoys using voice chat services, you’ll like the fact that a 3.55mm headphone jack is available, and the wireless controller connects via Bluetooth. The controller has black buttons, bumper, triggers, texture grip and thumb-sticks, while the D-pad is Champagne Gold. The Phantom Black Special Edition will be available on September 11th, in the United States and Canada, and it will debut around the rest of the world on October 9th, and it will retail for $69.99.

The second Wireless Controller Microsoft is offering is the Gray/Blue Xbox Wireless Controller, this one is not a special edition, and it also sports black buttons, bumper, triggers, and thumb-sticks. It has monochrome buttons with blue accents. According to, this one can be designed in the Xbox Design Lab.

The Design Lab allows users to make custom controllers for $69.99. It should be noted that the Gray/Blue controller thumb-stick is two-toned and cannot be modified in the Design Lab. The Gray/Blue Wireless Controller will be available on September 25th, in the United States and Canada, and around the world on October 9th, while retailing for $64.99.

Each controller provides custom button mapping and plug ‘n play compatibility for to any compatible headset. Both are compatible with the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, and Windows 10. Both wireless controllers can now be pre-ordered from the official Xbox website. To pre-order the Microsoft Xbox wireless controller Phantom Gray/Blue simply visit the website and fill out the details.

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