Mobile Game Univoyager Shows Off Space To Ground Flight Via Custom Game Engine

Although it is said that publisher and developer Damlock is making Univoyager for PC, the game will release on iOS and Android devices as well. However, the latest video showing off in-game footage is demonstrated on a mobile device and reveals space to ground flight via a custom-made engine.

It should come in as no surprise that there are some devs waiting to rip-off customers through microtransaction infested games using a series of scam tactics in mobile gaming. Contrary to that, though, there are some devs out there on the mobile platform looking to improve gaming and actually make fun games, like Damlock.

Instead of trying to empty the wallets of potential customers, the dev has been working hard to evolve Univoyager, making progress on HDR, Gamma Correction, lighting, shadows, planet rendering, multithreading support, memory management, AI, LUA integration, missiles, trails and a PC version.

Furthermore, Univoyager’s proprietary engine supports stuff like gravity, collisions, and planetary orbiting — which happens to be calculated according to real “Orbital Data.”

You can read the latest description and check out in-game footage right here thanks to Univoyager’s YouTube channel:

“This video shows the game engine at work on a smartphone. We will leave from a station in orbit on Mars to get to the surface of the planet where we will fight against a spaceship piloted with AI. Finally, unlike previous videos where we landed like a normal airplane, this time we will make a vertical landing on the Martian base.”

If you have a problem with the game’s overall graphical style or texturing and so on, it’s worth keeping in mind that Univoyager is still in early development.

In addition to the above video, the background is not a skybox. The points are said to be real stars that can be reached seamlessly.

While we wait for Damlock to make a game without loading screens set in a vast lot of space running on its own custom game engine for PC and mobile devices, you can head on over to to learn more.


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