Monster Hunter World Nude Female Mod Now Available For Download
Monster Hunter World Nude

One of the most common mods that gamers seek out for popular 3D games are nude mods. Why not? They love the way the characters look and seeing them in a birthday suit gives them the extra motivation to learn how to play as if they incurred a disability and lost the use of their right hand. It’s great for exercise, it’s great for mental focus, and it’s great for increasing the overall aesthetic of the gameplay session. Well, if you have Monster Hunter World on PC (sorry PS4 and Xbox One peasants) you’ll be pleased to know that you can grab a nude mod for the game right now.

Modder UberGrainy released the nude mod to the public, which you can download from the NexusMod page.

Monster Hunter World - Narrow Wide Nude Mod

Now this is a conditional mod. And by that I mean that you will have to use it under certain circumstances.

More specifically, this is a nude player model for the Samurai Layered Armor.

UberGrainy had to use some real legwork to get the nude mod working right, mixing and matching some meshes and using a hex editor to remove the bits that still covered up all the female character’s most desired parts.

You’ll be able to use the mod in both narrow and wide versions, and you may have to get creative with your own texture work since UberGrainy didn’t spend any time fleshing out the model to make full use of HD genitalia.

There are a few bugs to watch out for, such as the sounds for the footsteps mimicking whatever armor you’re currently wearing. The boobs are still cupped as if they’re in a bra, so they may be extra lifted, even while nude, and the arm model does not have a slinger attached. You can attempt to fix this by using the arms from the swimsuit mod that UberGrainy made.

To install the mod simply unzip the files to the Steam folder located at: Steam Steamapps common Monster Hunter World

Have fun hunting in the nude!

(Thanks for the news tip Stealthmasta)


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