Newton And The Apple Tree R18+ Patch Is Now Available For Download
Newton and the Apple Tree Uncensored Patch

Laplacian and Sol Press’ Newton And The Apple Tree is a gender-bender, loli-themed retelling of how gravity was discovered. The time-traveling visual novel launched on Steam in all its censored glory on August 15th, 2018 for $39.99, but gamers who want to experience the real history of gravity can do so now that the R18+ uncensored patch has been made available to download.

The uncensored patch is available for download right now over on the Panty Press website.

You’ll have the option of downloading either the 17+ patch or the 18+ patch.

Now there are pretty big differences between both patches.

The 17+ patch is 150MB, and adds some additional lewd content to Newton And The Apple Tree.

The 18+ patch is a massive 600MB patch, adding all manner of hardcore H-scenes to the game, so that gamers can experience Isaac Newton’s scientific journeys as a flat-chested loli in a whole new way. It’ll definitely give gamers a completely different view about learning history and science.

Newton and the Apple Tree - Handling The Juggs

In order to install the patch, SteamUncensored advises you to copy the .int file into the game folder for Newton And The Apple Tree, located in /steamapps/common/Newton and the Apple Tree/.

Once the patch is installed, you’ll be able to enjoy the visual novel the way it was always meant to be enjoyed.

Newton And The Apple Tree follows Syuji Asanaga and his childhood friend Yotsuko Utakane as the two find themselves transported in time as they meet up with Sir Isaac Newton, who turns out to be a flat-chested loli!

Syuji and Yotsuko take up residence at Tenbridge University with four other strange girls as Syuji gets to explore the university and the girls residing at the university.

You can get your hands on the visual novel by visiting the Steam store page, and then proceed to uncensor the crap out of it with the patches.


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