Pirate Game “Atlas” Trailer Leaked Ahead Of Official Reveal

It looks like Rare and its work Sea of Thieves, and Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones won’t be the only fish in the sea. Rattling the skeleton bones and attempting to find the treasure in the rising pirate genre of games comes Snail Games and Studio Wildcard’s Atlas. Leaked on Wildcard’s YouTube channel and taken down shortly after, two videos cover what folks can expect from Atlas.

As of this writing, very little information has come out regarding Atlas, and it’s unclear what platforms it will hit. Assuming it will release on PC, followed by a home console release (like ARK Survival Evolved), all that is known is that it uses assets from ARK.

Thanks to YouTuber Jade Plays Games we can see that Atlas is a pirate MMO game. Highlights that we can take away from the following trailer includes treasure looting, skeleton fighting, boat battles/building, team exploration, animals, sword and gunplay, and map reading:

Taking gamers down the tempest, Jade Plays Games also made a video analyzing what to expect and what Atlas could bring to the table of said genre. Of course, though, it’s best to take some of the things that he’s saying with a pinch of salt given the game isn’t out yet, but if you want a headstart on all things Atlas, you have this video to look over:

Something worth pointing out is, some people think it can stack up against games like Rare’s Sea of Thieves and Ubisoft’s upcoming game Skull and Bones. We’ll see if it can find its own footing in the sea of games and ride the waves of the storm when the devs announce and release it to the general public.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on the growing pool of pirate MMO games? Do you think they’ll grow as we move forward or do you think they’re a gimmick and will be a thing of the past?

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