Rage 2 Won’t Have Multiplayer Or Mod Support At Launch

IIt looks like Rage 2 will not feature multiplayer or mod support at launch. Although the former component might come in the form of some social mechanic, the latter might appear sometime after launch.

At QuakeCon 2018, Bethesda, id Software, and Avalanche Studios showcased Rage 2 and let attendees and viewers from home see extended gameplay footage. According to id Software studio boss, Tim Willits, the spring 2019 game for PC, PS4, and Xbox One will opt for a different multiplayer mechanic at launch.

We learn this from PCGamer who picked up the following and reflected Willits saying:

“We will have a social component but it’s not your typical multiplayer. We’re not quite ready to talk about it but we understand community is important, and we understand connecting with other gamers is important. But there’s not a true what I call ‘classic’ multiplayer, so you’re not running around together with your friends, because we feel we have enough hours of entertainment for your money. We feel like we have a good offering.”

If you’re okay running solo or don’t like playing with other people in games, it sounds like there won’t be any disrupting co-op/multiplayer mechanics in the game. However, if you enjoy modding or using other people’s mods, do know that option won’t be there at launch.

In addition to the above, Willits had the following to say:

“Rage 2 will not support modding out of the gate.”

Of course, Bethesda, id Software, and Avalanche Studios will more than likely pull a Fallout 4 thing and release mods later down the line for more exposure and to keep the game relevant.

Speaking of relevancy, most AAA publishers and developers believe that live-services, microtransactions, loot-boxes and other “Games as a Service” (GaaS) mechanics will keep dying and popular games afloat. With that said, Willits explains that the devs are considering microtransactions for Rage 2:

“Ah… I don’t know yet. You need to be careful when you say things – like ‘loot boxes’. ‘Argh oh my god loot boxes!’ We won’t have loot boxes but yes we are trying to figure out how it will work. It’s a balance: you don’t want people to feel like you’re trying to chase them for money but you want to give people the opportunity to have the experience they want and to extend that tail, so we’re still working some of those plans out.”

To sum things up, Rage 2 will feature a form of multiplayer communication through a social element, there will be no mod support out of the gate (but maybe later), and that microtransactions are under consideration.


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