Riot Games To Open Diversity And Inclusion Division, Will Have Anti-Bias Training
League of legends

Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends, came under fire for alleged fostering a corporate culture of sexism. The spread of the articles about supposed sexism and misogyny at the company resulted in Riot Games issuing an apology over on their official website, as well as stating that if terms like “Gamer” and “meritocracy” are “misused” that they “won’t use them” in the future.

After profusely apologizing at the start of the post to the fans, contractors, and employees, Riot goes through a list of things they plan to change at the culture to accommodate for their reported sins. One of those changes includes the terms they use at the studio, where it states…

“Revisiting Cultural Definitions: We are putting everything on the table, including our core cultural tenets, like our manifesto. This includes reevaluating the language of Riot, words like “gamer” and “meritocracy,” to ensure they mean the same thing to all of us. If the words are misused or don’t help us describe our vision for the future, we won’t use them.”

If you’re re-evaluating words like “meritocracy” then you’re already lost. It would take an entire article to breakdown how dangerous it is to start extricating words that relate to skill, job proficiency, and productivity. But if Riot is looking into no longer using “meritocracy” due to some arbitrary application of “misuse” then it sounds like the studio is aiming more-so to focus on ideological hegemony rather than corporate productivity.

The list also notes that they will have two consultancy firms come in to provide Riot with recommendations on rebuilding Riot’s culture…

“We have engaged two leading consultants on culture change to provide us with their expertise and recommendations as we rebuild Riot’s culture. Our goal isn’t just to be good; it’s to become a leader on diversity, inclusion, and culture. We’re asking them to develop mechanisms to measure our progress and hold us accountable against this objective.”

More frightening than that is the fact that as part of their corporate overhaul, Riot will be instituting new training programs to focus on “anti-bias” training. This has typically been interpreted by some groups as meaning “anti-white” training, which has become a standard practice among many Left-leaning organizations.

The blog states…

“We’re doubling down on trainings. Trainings that had been specific to managers are being expanded to all Rioters, including interview training and anti-harassment training. We’re also investing in anti-bias training to encourage behaviors that foster a fair and inclusive work environment. In addition, we are investing in management training for all managers to build and support better teams. These trainings will be required for existing Rioters, with elements integrated into our Rioter onboarding program.”

There have also been reports from YouTubers like The Quartering that Ubisoft has been starting anti-bias training as well, which essentially involves indoctrinating employees with the SJW agenda.

And to top it all off, Riot will be opening a new diversity division. According to the post, there will now be a CDO, a Chief Diversity Officer, who will join as part of the executive branch at Riot…

“We are deep into the process of recruiting a new Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), and recently began the search for a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO). They will join the CEO, President, and COO as part of our executive leadership team, and will add critical experience to our existing D&I team to accelerate all our work in this area.”

This seems like the company took the sexual harassment allegations and decided to embrace extreme Leftist ideologies.


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