Ruby Rose Will Play Lesbian Batwoman In CW Series; Gay Actress Was CW’s Top Priority
Batwoman Show

A report from Deadline indicates that the producers of the upcoming CW show, Batwoman, have landed the lead role for Kate Kane, and it will be XxX: Return of Xander Cage and Orange is the new Black actress, Ruby Rose.

Rose has been known in the circles of Hollywood as being an out and out lesbian, so it’s pretty obvious what the producers were going for with the casting. According to Deadline the character will make her debut during a crossover episode in Arrow this December. Following her introduction into the Arrowverse, Rose will headline the Batwoman television series for the following season.

As Deadline notes, the entire show is focused on Batwoman being a lead super hero who is a gay, Jewish crime fighter…

“If the project goes to series, Batwoman will become the first gay lead character — male or female — of a live-action superhero series. Batwoman already has been a trailblazer for LGBTQ+ representation in comics. After a long hiatus, she was reintroduced to the DC comic universe in 2006 when she was established as a Jewish lesbian, becoming the first-ever lesbian superhero title DC character.”

Even more than that, the actual show description that the CW issued makes it known that Kate Kane is an out lesbian who fights for social justice while attempting to overcome her own demons.

Deadline also noted that Ruby Rose has been one of those Hollywood types that pushes for Leftist concepts such as “gender fluidity”, writing…

“Rose, who came out as a lesbian at age 12, has identified herself as genderfluid”

The Hollywood Reporter also indicates that the CW’s top priority for casting the role of Kate Kane was based on a Hollywood actress who was openly gay…

“Rose’s casting comes after the network made it a priority to cast an openly gay actress to take on the role.”

Funnily enough, Rose’s casting didn’t entirely go over too well with the Social Justice crowd. As is typical of their ilk, they’re complaining about the casting on social media, causing Rose and Batwoman to trend.

Outlets like The Mary Sue didn’t hesitate to jump in criticizing the casting because Rose is too… “white”.

A variety of different voices from the Rainbow Reich expressed disappointment, some of whom claimed that they should have hired a lesbian Jewish actress for the role.

Of course the media is praising the decision as part of the “representation” campaign.

It’s pretty obvious who the show will be catering toward and what kind of show it will be when it launches next fall on the CW Network.

Some people across social media are already making it known exactly how they feel about the new show and what they expect will happen once it does hit the airwaves…


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