Scorn Will Release Sometime In 2019 As A Complete Game

The first part of Scorn will no longer release in October of 2018, the game that I’m really looking forward to that looks absolutely disgusting and gorgeous will release as a complete game (no part 1 or 2) sometime in 2019 for PC via Steam and GOG. If the game does well, a PS4 and Xbox One version will be considered.

Ebb Software has released an update that details what’s going on with the development of Scorn. The game will no longer release this year for PC but instead in 2019.

The statement detailing this can be found on the newly updated website, as read below:

Making the whole game is going to take more time. Scorn Part 1 of 2: Dasein will not be released this year.


We know that some of you are going to be understandably disappointed as you were eagerly awaiting Scorn Part 1 of 2: Dasein in October 2018. And although we understand that, we still think that this new deal is the best course of action for us and ultimately the players as it will enable us to develop a better game. The upside is that you won’t be left waiting on a cliffhanger for part 2.”

The deal mentioned above was signed with the great investment fund to acquire additional revenue for the development of Scorn. The fund in question is “hands-off” regarding the creative development of Scorn.

As for backers who are concerned about everything, you can read what is in store for you:

All backers will receive the FULL game and, depending on the reward tiers they opted for, the whole soundtrack and expanded art book, respectively. That means twice more content and more value than you initially pledge for, affecting both digital and physical rewards.


However, we also realize that some of you will not be satisfied with this development and feel that this is not what you signed up for. For everyone who wants to cancel their pledge and get their money back, we are offering a full refund at any time during the development. That is the least we can do. You can receive a refund directly to the same credit card you pledged on KS, if that card hasn’t expired. If the card expired, you will need to provide us with a Pay Pal account. Please understand that these rules are set by KS and we can’t change them. We will process refunds as soon as possible, but please allow two to four weeks before the refunds reach your accounts.”

As for VR goers, there will be one VR level featured in the game. Obviously, time will likely bring us more news on this, but for now, we know that thanks to the devs answering a fan question on Twitter.

Lastly, the devs still want a DRM free version of Scorn, but we’ll likely hear more on that as development nears completion. You can either hit up to learn more about this update or watch gameplay footage below:


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