Soul Calibur VI Reveals Azwel As A New Playable Fighter

Fans of fighting games looking to assume a mighty power that is Azwel in Soul Calibur VI will be able to do so when the game launches on October 19th, 2018, for PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

What looks to be a boss or sub-boss character in the ranks of Soul Calibur VI comes that of the mighty and mysterious Azwel, who is said by producer Motohiro Okubo to play an important role in the story mode.

Azwel weapon of choice is named “Palindrome.” In other words, a phrase or sequence that reads the same backward as it does forward is expected to be on the battlefield, where when one move ends it could potentially work the same as another move starting phase.

As for the strange fellow’s fighting style, it goes by the name of “Practical Application of Martial Philosophy and Theory.” Obviously, this hints at a complex yet powerful art of fighting where if you study his moves they become predictable. However, if you go in blind, you will be corrected by Azwel’s arts like an uneducated student.

Anyway, you can read over Azwel’s official description right here or watch his reveal trailer below:

“You shall be sacrificed for the human race!” Azwel, Leader of Humanity, wields the powerful weapon Palindrome which grants him the ability to manifest weapons out of thin air!”

It’ll be interesting to see what this character has to bring to the ranks of Soul Calibur VI in terms of technique and skill and whether he’ll add a fun twist to the game or a side of annoyance?

While we wait for those questions to be answered, YouTuber Dynasty has come around with highlights from the latest Gamescom 2018 interviews that include Okubo-san. The highlights that Dynasty brings forth include no alternate costumes, the ability to share created characters, potential guest characters via DLC, and more:


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