SRPG Studio Lets You Create Fire Emblem-Style RPGs With No Programming Skills Required
SRPG Studio

Sapphiresoft announced that SRPG Studio is available right now on Steam for PC. The design and illustration software utility allows you to create your very own simulation-style role-playing games without requiring any programming or art design skills, and you can grab a digital copy of the new program for just $59.99.

The main selling point is that you don’t need any kind of game design knowledge to create games with SRPG Studio. You can use basic asset layouts or import your own assets to create your games. You can also setup the basic interaction, combat, and dialogue systems without having to dive deep into any kind of scripting tools.

Once you get done making your game, you can then save it and share it for other people to play, very similar to RPG Maker.

If you do have some design skills, you can create your own illustrations and implement them into the game, along with your own custom videos, sprites, and even music.

You can see what the tools look like in action via a series of tutorial videos courtesy of YouTuber Driftwood Gaming.

The video above goes through the basic setup of the trial version of SRPG Studio.

You can setup your game’s basic backgrounds, combat scenarios, sprites, illustrations, and dialogue systems.

The main selling point is that the design set is setup to mimic the kind of tactical battle system used in Fire Emblem. So those of you who enjoy making tactical turn-based games

You can also modify your character classes, their weapon class types, the sounds, terrain parameters, and more.

There’s a lot of variables that you can modify for your game, so for those of you who love detail-oriented design tools, SRPG Studio is perfect for that.

If you’re unsure about whether or not this is worth the purchase, you can actually download the trial version right now from over on the Steam store page and test it out for free.


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