Star Citizen ATV Video Details Ship Power Allocation For Quantum Drives
Star Citizen

Just one day removed from the news about the lawsuit moving forward between Crytek and Cloud Imperium Games, fans of Star Citizen are able to have some of the tension relieved with a new episode of Around The Verse… maybe.

The seven minute video runs through developmental progress and community content emerging on a weekly basis for the game. The episode opens with a look at a community-organized event that’s basically Counter-Strike in space, involving a team of marines attempting to rescue two hostages from captors.

You can check it out below.

On the developmental side, the team has been working on improving the environmental passes on Hurston’s moons, as well as finalizing the texture LODs for the long-distance player view. Level of detail optimization basically means lowering the fidelity of certain graphical assets at certain distances barely within the player’s view or at a specific distance within the rendered frustum. This will allow for optimized performance while scouring the planet with draw distances turned all the way up and reduce memory load. This should also help with keeping FPS at manageable levels while exploring Hurston.

The utilitarian habitats have moved beyond white box design and are now being textured, optimized and prototyped in preparation for being added into the persistent universe.

Star Citizen - Hurston Environmental LOD

Power allocation and overdrive capabilities for the quantum drives is also being implemented. This is so that players who are willing to risk spending more power to spool quicker can do so, while others who would rather preserve their ship’s integrity can allow for slower spooling without risking damaging the drives.

The power allocation feature is all part of the ship maintenance and system function minutiae, all of which will play granular and dynamic roles in operating much larger ships with designated crew members. Think of it as working similar to the Star Trek: Bridge Crew simulator that Ubisoft released for VR headsets… except with all the other gameplay elements that come with Star Citizen.

Star Citizen - Habitats (Final)

On the ship side, the Origin 890 Jump is currently in the gray box phase of development, which means that the core geometry and first-pass texture work are all completed. The ship can be traversed and basic operating modules are in place. At this point the team is refining design elements for final prototyping and implementation for the 3.5.0 release due in the first quarter of 2019.

This episode was short, much like the other episodes in recent weeks, so there wasn’t a whole lot covered. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing how the first iteration of combat AI will operate within the persistent universe during the 3.3.0 launch. I can only imagine what the user videos are going to be like when that update finally drops.

For more info on the development of Star Citizen and a look at the developmental roadmap, you can visit the official RSI website.


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