Star Wars Boycott Continues As Star Wars: Resistance Trailer Gets Downvoted Into Oblivion
Star Wars Resistance

Disney is feeling the burn now. The company recently released a new trailer for the upcoming Disney animated show, Star Wars: Resistance, and fans have made it known that they aren’t having anymore of Disney’s agenda at all.

The trailer was posted up August 17th to the Disney channel. It features a minute long breakdown of Star Wars: Resistance and the general plot of the show, which centers around a goofy young man who joins the Rebels. His job is to weed out potential defectors and spies within the ranks and report back to pilot Poe Dameron. The show is set to premiere on October 7th at 10:00pm EST on the Disney Channel. You can view the trailer below.

Even though the trailer is competently put together and the visuals are passable, fans are already riding the hate train against Disney’s agenda-driven intent to indoctrinate fans with their Cultural Marxist propaganda. The protest from fans is adequately reflected in the like/dislike ratio, which his surprisingly still active on the trailer.

Fans don’t hide the fact that this is still a carryover of disdain and disgruntlement of how the Star Wars franchise has been handled under Disney, more specifically under Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson.

Instead of trying to course-correct and steer the ship back toward what fans love and enjoy, the creators have been attacking the fans, blaming #GamerGate, calling them “white supremacists”, and labeling them as “detestable”.

Fans have decided that the best way to save Star Wars is to abandon Star Wars, so they boycotted Solo: A Star Wars Story and have now expressed their unyielding drive to see the brand either fixed or destroyed.

Not all of the criticism is consistent, coherent, or sensible, but it’s all critical and very much reflective of the kind of the kind of culture that Disney and LucasFilm have cultivated; a culture that has pushed fans so far to the edge that they’re no longer willing to give Disney a chance at all.

One can only wonder if this sort of negative energy can persist until the marketing machine kicks in for Star Wars: Episode IX?

Interestingly enough, there’s actually a documentary in the works called Episode Backlash, which will investigate and chronicle the backlash that fans have had toward the new Disney depiction of Star Wars. Depending on how that turns out it could it either make the situation worse for Disney… or make the situation the worst for Disney. Time will tell.

In the meantime, it looks like former Star Wars fans will be downvoting the new Star Wars: Resistance trailer into oblivion.

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