Stardock Casting Adam Baldwin In Star Control: Origins Triggers Game Journalists
SJW Journalists

Stardock Entertainment recently announced that Hollywood actor Adam Baldwin will be joining the voice cast for Star Control: Origins. The announcement came courtesy of a blog post over on the official Stardock website.

As noted on the website…

”Adam [Baldwin] will be portraying a rogue mercenary commander of the Menkmack who pursues the player on behalf of a mysterious client.”

Baldwin is famous for having starred in shows like Firefly and The Last Ship. His upcoming appearance in Star Control: Origins set off the Social Justice Warriors who hate that a Conservative like Baldwin – who also coined the GamerGate hashtag back in 2014 to expose corruption in media journalism – would be appearing in Star Control.

This triggered journalists, such as former GameJournoPros member Adam Rosenberg, who works as a senior reporter at Mashable.

As recounted by journalist Brad Glasgow, Adam Rosenberg spent the whole afternoon raging at this development, like a homeless coyote under a moonlit night.

PC World writer Hayden Dingman forfeited the opportunity to rage, and instead decided to impart upon his followers indignant snark.

Dingman’s fellow cohort, Jason Cross from Mac World, chimed in as well to express his disapproval of Baldwin, as if responding to some soundless chime sensitive only to the ears of a select few.

The golden boy of Kotaku, and the reason #GamerGate even became thing, Nathan Grayson, couldn’t help but snidely do a drive-by snipe at the news before slinking back into the shadows to avoid burying Kotaku any deeper than he already has.

And PC Gamer and Polygon’s Mitch Bowman decided to directly address the CEO of Stardock Entertainment, Brad Wardell, offering his churlishness in response to the news.

Even lower tier game critics decided to virtue signal on social media about their displeasure of Stardock hiring in Adam Baldwin.

And like clockwork, ResetEra cooked up a thread filled with the kind of supercilious polemics one would expect from the hive of social justice hornets.

Member Matt Wilson introduced the ResetEra community to Brad Wardell and Adam Baldwin by unironically writing…

“He’s a small man with a pathetic vendetta, on top of being known for sexual harassment allegations, and bringing bees into the workplace knowing employees were allergic. He’s a real piece of work. And yes, he still supports GamerGate.


“Adam Baldwin, Serenity actor and general piece of shit, is known as the person who came up with the GamerGate hashtag, and has been directly involved in harassment and circulation of doxxing material of harassment victims including Zoe Quinn.


“Just a reminder that GamerGate is not just people in a dark basement or “anonymous internet jerks”, but also real ass people WITHIN THE GAME INDUSTRY.”

Yes, these real people are working on a game that they hope will sell well, unlike all the other propaganda-filled games that game journalists have been promoting to the high heavens, most of which haven’t been selling well, or have been put on ice or forced the studios to close down because the developers decided to get woke and go broke.

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