Street Fighter 5 Mai Shiranui Gorgeous Cosplay Mod Available For Download
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One of the most endearing icons in the gaming industry that exhausts more Kleenox boxes in a household when pubescent boys, teenagers, and grown men are around than any of the worst colds in history, is SNK’s Mai Shiranui from the King of Fighters series. She’s the ultimate zipper slayer, and you’ll be hard pressed not to find yourself dextrously handicapped when fighting with her or against her. Well, modder BrutalAce wanted to keep that tradition going by releasing a gorgeous cosplay mod featuring Chun-Li as Mai Shiranui in Capcom’s Street Fighter V.

The new Mai Shiranui cosplay mod is available in a 7z file, totaling 112mb, and featuring lots of eye-candy goodness for gamers who love to optically caress the fighters in Street Fighter V as if they were eyeballing a work of art from a bygone era. You can download the mod right now from the right side of the DeviantArt page.

You can see the mod in action with the video below, which demonstrates the glorious Mai Shiranui in action within Street Fighter V.

BrutalAce had to do a lot of design on the mesh and model side, changing Chun-Li’s hair to match Mai’s, as well as adding rigging for hair physics and an APEX based cloth for the pelvic flap.

BrutalAce used a map featuring 128 samples of ray traced ambient occlusion, along with a custom high-poly body with 4K seamless texture mapping, and optional smooth or muscular thighs, and dynamic boob physics.

And yes, BrutalAce made sure to keep that high-quality thiccness intact for everyone who loves appreciating the undeniably aesthetic curves of a woman.

Street Fighter 5 - Mai Shiranui Cosplay Mod

BrutalAce explains that he wanted to put some extra time into this mod to give Mai all of his attention, because one of the hottest women in the history of all of electronic entertainment deserved only the best of his efforts…

“I wanted to make this mod ever since I started SFV modding but I wanted Chunli to have a very good body for that outfit because Mai is one of the hottest mascot characters in fighting games so Chunli should catch up with her. My old body for Chunli was pretty good but I don’t stop at one point”

BrutalAce also stuffed something extra special into the 7z… and no, it’s not a banana surprise. It is, however… another bikini.

The bikini removes the flaps and gives you a much more unobstructed view of Mai’s silky soft, vanilla-smooth body.

If you like what BrutalAce is producing and you want to see this fine fop keep doing justice to the world of modding, you can pay a coin or two into his coffers over on his Patreon page.

Street Fighter V is available right now for PS4 and PC.


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