Super Seducer 2 Adds Female Dating Tips On How To Seduce Dudes
Super Seducer 2

I don’t know if adding a female perspective to a game like Super Seducer 2 is going to help the sequel sell better than the first game, but Richard La Ruina is taking the dive into uncharted territory by not only having more dating tips for how guys can pick up girls, but he’s also adding in the option for how girls can pick up guys.

The press release is lengthy and kind of cringy as it attempts to appeal to the female perspective, but it’s kind of obvious that RLR Training is attempting to subvert the game journalists’ expectations of a game that’s focused only on becoming a male pick-up artist.

It’s also an interesting experiment because a large part of the production involves women, including Richard’s own wife, Kate La Ruina, who did a lot of the directing and producing for Super Seducer 2. Kate La Ruina commented in the press release about the experience, stating…

“As much as we loved the first game, we knew we could make Super Seducer 2 even better and for more than male players. I’m honored to have taken a more significant role this time around and work with such a talented team on the game from start to finish. We took a lot of the feedback from the original, and I’m confident that Super Seducer 2 will be an entertaining game that can also enrich people’s dating lives!”

The press release heavily plays up Kate’s role in the production, likely to quell the raging gaming journalists ready to call for the sequel to be banned just like how they pressured Sony to ban the first game from appearing on the PS4 and attempted to pressure Valve to ban the game from Steam.

The censorship brigade successfully managed to get the game banned just weeks before release on PS4, but failed to get Super Seducer pulled from Steam. Now that the sequel features more female perspectives – including commentary and feedback from both Richard La Ruina and actress Charlotte Jones – along with the option for women to learn pick-up tricks to score a date with a guy, will game journalists still attempt to get it banned?

It looks like RLR Training is willing to run the experiment with game journalists using Super Seducer 2.

Funnily enough the game is still rife with sexy women sporting necklines that plunge so deep that if the Cave of Swallows was a face, it’d be blushing.

The latest trailer for Super Seducer 2 focuses on the female perspective, cast members, and production crew.

This appears to be Richard La Ruina’s way of appealing to the sensibilities of the Left-wing media.

Not appealing to them earned Super Seducer 80,000 copies being sold on Steam. So we’ll see how this little experiment works out now that they’ve added more dating options for both men and women, and gave it a more female focus. Super Seducer 2 is scheduled to release on September 12th, 2018 on Steam for $12.99. You can learn more about the project by visiting the Steam store page.


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